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Christmas Shopping Ideas Without The Expensive Price Tag

Updated on September 9, 2014
The gift of love this Christmas
The gift of love this Christmas

It's Better To Give Than Have Expecations To Receive

Ahh, it's that time of year again with Christmas Eve and Christmas Day fast approaching. The melodies in the shopping centres, the wrapping of presents and gift giving and Christmas carols being sung in churches, parks, homes and communities around the world. There's nothing else like it. The spirit of Christmas is upon us and it's the season to be jolly.

The most important gift this Christmas is by giving the gift of love to those around you...

Be sure not to get too caught up in expecting to receive presents, for the happiest moments are being able to give presents and love to those around you, witnessing their expressions of happiness when they open their presents from under the tree. The secret of making this an even more exciting time of year is to give presents with a "TO: ...." but without a "FROM: ..." . Then the questions and smiles continue with elements of surprise and suspicion beginning with gifts from the unknown.

Always remember that giving a gift to someone, especially someone less fortunate than ourselves, will bring about the greatest happiness. The gift of generosity is priceless, and what better time than Christmas to give, just as the Three Wise Men did many years ago. Who wouldn't appreciate a bottle of wine? Or perhaps a freshly made home-cooked meal or dessert? The homeless generally miss out, as do the disadvantaged, and the best you can do when giving this Christmas is to consider the needy, those who can't afford to have a luxurious Christmas roast for lunch, or those who may not have anyone to spend time with this Christmas. A simple donation of a few items to a charity this Christmas can mean all the difference when they wake up in the morning knowing they've got a decent meal ahead of them thanks to the generosity of someone else, or even an older family member being able to continue to enjoy the companionship by having a brother, daughter, nephew, cousin or any other family member keep them company and remember that they too should be able to enjoy this holiday season with those who love them.

It's also the season to reconcile and be reconciled. The act of giving and sharing can make all the difference in helping someone around you realise that you do care about them and that you may recognise any faults or differences that you may have had amongst each other. A gathering of family and/or friends can help rekindle those precious moments that you may have once spent together but may have almost forgotten due to your busy schedule or mixed up priorities in life.

This Christmas, think about those around you, and be sure to give. Whether it be your time, your love, or a simple materialistic gift this holy and festive season, you'll be appreciated. And if you feel like you've not been welcomed as you should be, then you still have your inner peace of mind and goodwill to be thankful for, with the gift of forgiveness and love still within your heart.


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