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Christmas Lights: The second best way to spread Christmas cheer!

Updated on November 30, 2011

As Buddy the Elf told us, "The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singling loud for all to hear." It is that exact reason that Christmas music and Christmas CDs are so popular. But what if you can't sing or blare your holiday tunes all throughout the day and night? Well, I have found the next best way to spread your holiday spirit, Christmas Lights!

Okay, so maybe I wasn't the one who discovered Christmas lights, but I sure do think I can help you find the perfect way to make your home shine with spirit! Now some may say I was born into this. I am a December baby for one and secondly my father went absolutely crazy decorating his home when he was younger. We are talking extra electricity and taking down city blocks with a single blown fuse. He was a true master of Christmas decorations. His genes were passed down and I have recently caught the Christmas light bug.

Okay, to find the best way to design your house you need to find your symmetry. The center of your house needs to have a certain center piece. This doesn't necessarily have to be the best or biggest piece, but it needs to be in the middle of the symmetry and be noticeable. We use a Christmas teddy. He is cute, lights up, and he adds to the two sided aspect of our decorations.

The next thing to do is light your path! If you base your lights around a walkway or a pathway in your yard, make sure you light it up. It adds a certain fantasy aspect to the whole decorations. Using the light-up candy canes or similar items work the best. If you choose to go with colored lights, the more the better. This goes for bushes, trees, or even in our case, my nieces playhouse. In the classier style of white lights, simpler is better. You want to make sure the bush is covered, but not so overdone that it looks like you have a flashlight in your front yard.

If you choose to use the ever popular blow up decorations, make sure you don't overwhelm your yard. Only use what you have space for. If you congest them all into a single area, it begins to look like too much and it takes away from the fun of your decorations.

Finally, I would suggest setting up a classic feel of Christmas into your displays. Whether you incorporate some kind of Christmas tree or a wreath, it will spread the cheer. We use a tree made of lights on our house and if the season is right, we add a wreath on our doors. These help us have fun with our decorations while keeping the elegant elements of Christmas alive.

I hope my tips help you to make your house a Christmas Wonderland!


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