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Christmas Magic

Updated on June 6, 2011

Christmas Morning

Christmas Morning, remember when? I don't know how my parents did it.. In the 60's and early 70's. Christmas morning was , well magical. There were 4 of us kids. We had to be in bed very early. The Christmas tree was up but not trim. When we awoke the Christmas tree was trimed with lights, balls and tinsell. A 4x8 train platform was up. Every house on the train platform had lights, dirt roads ,snow , people, cars, and even telephone poles. And yes we had toys already put togather ( by santa ). My parents, must of never went to bed. My mom would cook breakfast as we played with our new toys. It wasn't the toys that made Christmas great and magical . It was the work and perfic touch my parents put into it making Christmas special. Now I get to do it for my kids. What a great gift they gave us. Now My kids get the same gift.


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