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Quick & Beautiful Christmas Mantel Decorating Ideas

Updated on March 21, 2011

The mantel in your home may be the place on which you focus your decorating around, or it could be a place that is most often neglected in decor. During the holidays, your mantel can easily become the center area that brings your entire holiday decor together. Christmas mantel decorating is easy and can take many different forms. You can accomplish your Christmas mantel decorating in a matter of minutes, especially if you use what you already have to create lovely decor. Use these ideas to help you get started decorating your mantel for the holiday season.

Christmas Mantel Holiday Card Display

Although the number of holiday card senders has lessened over the years, there are still many families who believe in sending cards out each year. They are always lovely to receive however many families have no idea what to do with the cards after receiving them. Some people will simply set them aside, while others prefer to display them.

Holiday cards come in handy in Christmas mantel decorating. You can quickly add each card you get in the mail to your mantel to update the look daily. Just simply stand them on the mantel and let their images do the work for you!

Christmas Mantel Photos

For a sentimental holiday mantel idea, grab a few festive frames and fill them with cold weather holiday shots. Any picture of your family or friends during the winter will work fine. This will help keep the holiday about the people you love and allow you to display pictures you might normally keep tucked away in albums. Adding the festive frames immediately makes the photos Christmas decorations, so you can be sure you are adding to your Christmas mantel decorating theme.

Christmas Mantel Crafts

Holiday times are perfect for craft lovers. Many families will participate in various crafts with a holiday theme. Some families will create their own gingerbread homes, while others will develop interesting creations out of Popsicle sticks. No matter what your family creates this year, the mantel is the perfect place to display your art. Children will especially love having their holiday crafts out for everyone to admire.

Any craft will be great on the mantel, as long as it is not too large. If your children have grown up and moved away, consider digging out some of the artwork from their childhood to decorate your mantel this year.

Christmas mantel decorating is one of the best things you can do for your holiday home decor. Neglecting your mantel is a huge decorating mistake. Even if you don't want to change your current mantel decor, consider adding ribbons, garland, or beads to your existing decor for a holiday feel. Just by adding a simple bow, you can completely change the look of your mantel.

Decorating your home for the Christmas holiday does not need to be painful or boring. A little can certainly go a long way, so be sure to leave no area untouched by holiday cheer. Use these handy tips to get your ideas moving in the decorating direction.


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