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Christmas Movies for Any Time of the Year

Updated on January 3, 2017
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Arthur is an avid television and movie fan with horror being his favored genre. If you can name it, he has probably seen it. Twice.

It's true that Christmas comes but once a year. The exhilaration of Christmas often leaves behind a feeling of emptiness no matter how awesome the holiday season was. If you are one of the many who still wants to hold onto that feeling a little bit longer than Hallmark and FreeForm do, there are a number of Christmas themed films that you can watch all year round without being embarrassed if you get caught.

Die Hard

Yeah, that Bruce Willis film is actually a semi-Christmas movie. Though the season at hand is quickly forgotten among the chaos, there are still multiple images in the background to remind you of the festivities that people outside the office tower are enjoying. Inside there are a lot of bullets flying and one generation-spanning catch phrase being said. If anyone walked in on you watching this movie in the middle of summer they would have no idea that you were really jonesing for some Christmas spirit.

Batman Returns

No one thinks of Batman Returns as a Christmas movie, but maybe you should take a second look. The entire movie takes place during the Christmas season with some of the biggest and most memorable scenes taking place around the city's Christmas decorations. If anyone made fun of you for this one it would be more about how cheesy it is than the season it is set in.


This whole movie is based around a Christmas gift, but if you asked anyone to describe it they probably wouldn't even mention Christmas. At its heart, it doesn't even know what it is. It is one part Christmas, one part horror, one part comedy, and a whole lot of cheese. Though the fact that it is the holiday season quickly gets lost among the plot, this movie can easily be classified as a Christmas classic for all times of the year.

The Mighty Ducks

The fact that hockey season takes place over Christmas is almost lost on this film. There is one fairly memorable scene where Charlie's mom and Coach Bombay spend some time out and about a Christmas setting. The point is that a movie this great transcends seasons and it will fill the heart with joy and cheer whether you notice the Christmas in it or not.


This movie is one of my favorites of all time because of its organized chaos which actually lends itself to an engaging story. This story is so fast paced and magnetizing that you barely realize that it takes place on Christmas eve/day. If someone caught you watching this movie on a summer night the worst that would happen is that they would realize that you have great taste in movies.

Reindeer Games

Strip away the Christmas theme and this movie is basically a much darker Ocean's 11. The movie is actually quite brilliant with an ending that no one in their right mind would see coming. If someone walked in on you watching Reindeer Games in the middle of the summer they would just shrug and sit down next to you.

Home Alone

Home alone is billed as a Christmas movie because it takes place during the most wonderful time of year. The fact of the matter is that the whole Christmas angle is nothing more than a plot driver. Subsequent sequels have also taken place in December, but there is really no need as the story would work no matter what time of year it is. All I'm saying is that if you want to watch home alone while the air conditioning is running, I am not going to judge you.

Look, I have nothing against you watching It's a Wonderful Life on the hottest night of the year, but your family may think that you are a bit of a freak. If you are really jonesing for that Christmas feeling but you are a closet holiday addict sticking with this list should cover all your bases. If not, you have a serious problem and should probably just move to the North Pole now.


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    • Janellegems profile image


      21 months ago from United States

      Great Hub. Thanks for these list of movies that we can watch all year round.


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