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Try These Tunes For Your Christmas Playlist

Updated on December 31, 2012

Building your play list for Christmas

Michael Buble Christmas

- Released in 2011 it is a fantastic mix of jazz, traditional, and pop sounds. This album has so many great songs ranging from Ave Maria to White Christmas, but if I had to pick only two great songs from this album it would have to be:

Cold December Night-starting out with the sounds of jingle bells Michael’s only wish for Christmas is to convince to one he loves to love him too. You hear all about the sights and sounds of Christmas but Michael only has his mind on winning the one he loves.

All I Want for Christmas is You- We have heard the Mariah Carey’s wonderful version of this song but Michael slows the song down a little bit and makes it sound totally different. In the same vein as Cold December Night Michael’s only request for Christmas is the one he loves. This song has the sounds of an orchestra and the sounds of bells and the song is so heartfelt one just knows he will have his wish come true.

Elvis Presley If Every Day Could Be Like Christmas

Released in 1957 this If Every Day Could Be Like Christmas album has that Elvis style to it and he puts so much of himself into every song. We have sounds of the blues, the traditional sounds of some beloved Christmas carols and a little rock and a bit of country too. Every song will put the listener in the Christmas mood. It is hard to narrow down to two picks from this album, but here it goes:

Merry Christmas Baby-This song has the blues and In a good way. Guitars, bass, piano notes floating all over the song lead the way for Elvis who gets into the spirit of the song with Elvis getting down and sassy. He is feeling mighty fine and you will too listening to this song.

It Won’t Seem Like Christmas Without You-the song starts out like a music box sound, Elvis is traveling all around and all he wants to do is get home by Christmas day. The song has a country sound to it and Elvis makes the listener feel his heart felt plea to be home with the one he loves.

Mariah Carey Merry Christmas

Released in 1994 Mariah released a masterpiece it is a wonderful Christmas album. She mixes in traditional carols along with great new Christmas songs that have the sound of pop and R&B. Mariah is said to love Christmas and with this album she gives all her listeners a great gift with this album.

Picking two songs from this album is tough but one would have to be

All I Want For Christmas Is You- in a homage to Phil Spector’s Christmas album, with Darlene Love singing Baby Please Come Home , we have Mariah the song starts out simply and builds with the instruments and Mariah’s soaring vocals. What is not to like about this song the bells, the piano keeping pace throughout the song, as well as great harmonies, and a thumping bass track too. The song has a happy sound though the singer is unsure of how things are going with her beau. Mariah sounds convincing and I am sure her fellow will be standing outside her door very soon.

O Holy Night- there is not a more beautiful Christmas song than this one. Mariah backed by a beautiful choir takes this song to new heights with her powerful vocals and her great range. Sung with great emotion and accompanied by the sounds of a church organ and choir the song will send a chill up your spine. This is how a Christmas song should be sung.

Mariah Carey Merry Christmas II

Released in 2010 Mariah repeated her success in the Christmas genre with this album. This album will have the listener wanting to reach for some eggnog and decorate the Christmas tree. She once again has that mix of traditional Christmas tunes with the sounds of pop and R&B. Mariah knows how to create magical Christmas albums and hopefully she will do another one soon. Choosing two songs from this album it would have to be:

When Christmas Comes- this song has a retro feel of some of the 70’s great soul songs. We have Mariah mixing it up with horns, a light keyboard, and a great mix of great background harmonies this song has smooth groove. It is a perfect song to chill out to.

Here Comes Santa Claus-Mariah and her crew put some soul into this traditional Christmas song. The song has great bass playing and fun background sounds of friends looking for a Christmas party to celebrate the joy of Christmas of being with friends and family. It is a fun song.

Carpenters-Christmas Portrait

Released in 1978 I remember paying full price for it because usually back then they had discounted Christmas albums for sale. It is well worth the price for its lush arrangements, beautiful harmonies, and the singing of Karen Carpenter. How is it possible to choose only 2 songs from this Christmas album great but choose I must and one song would have to be

Merry Christmas Darling-Karen has never sounded lovelier she is backed by an orchestra and also perfect harmonies. It has the perfect Carpenter sound to it. Karen had a perfect tone to her voice and she made the most of it with this song.

Sleigh Ride- The song starts slow and builds to a fast pace of a sleigh ride. The song has a clip, clop beat going on the whole time. If you close your eyes you can imagine yourself riding in the snow on a one horse open sleigh. Magical.

I hope these Christmas tunes will find their way to your ipod or at your
Christmas party. Nothing gets a person in the holiday spirit more than beautiful Christmas songs. It is hard to narrow down the perfect Christmas tunes but these songs fit the mood perfectly. Listen to these wonderful songs and feel the Christmas spirit grow within you.


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