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Meaningful Christmas Presents that Help People: Gift Ideas for Charitable Giving

Updated on November 4, 2014

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Unique Holiday Gifts for the Giver

It can be so challenging to pick out new and exciting Christmas gifts each year. This is especially true when the person you are shopping for seems to have everything. If you or the person you are shopping for has a giving spirit, a great idea is to give to a charitable organization. This can be a straight monetary donation in the person's name, or you can buy physical gift items from certain charities. The latter can be a great option because it allows you to give a gift that can be unwrapped, but you are also providing assistance for people or an organization in need. Please check out the suggestions in the list below.


Make a Monetary Donation in a Person's Name: Which Charity Should I Choose?

If the person you are shopping for would enjoy a donation to a charity made in their name, it can make your shopping a little easier. However, you may still be wondering which charity to choose. There is a great website, called the Charity Navigator, where you can browse charities by categories such as animals, arts and humanities, education, health, human services, public benefit, and religion. The site also shows you the charities rating, which takes into account their effectiveness and administrative costs. Additionally, the site provides top ten lists and tips for donors. If you are planning to make a straight monetary donation, I highly suggest that you check out the site:

St. Jude's Ornament
St. Jude's Ornament | Source

St. Jude's Gift Shop

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital is a world leader in finding cures and treatments for children with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. St. Jude is funded largely by individual contributes which means that parents do not need to be concerned about financing the treatment of their sick children.

While financial donations are always welcome, another way to contribute to the St. Jude mission is to purchase items from their gift shop. Items for purchase include things such as holiday decorations, bags, books, media, jewelry, accessories, apparel, home décor and more.


Heifer International

Heifer International is a mission that's goal is to help end world poverty and hunger by bringing sustainable agriculture to communities that need it most.

Through their gift catalog, you can send animals, contribute towards sending children to school, help impoverished people start small businesses, give clean water, provide stoves, and much more. While the gift that you are purchasing is going right to the people in need, you can make donations in a friend or family member's name and provide them with a card explaining their gift.


World Women Work

The mission of World Women Work is to support women and the conservation of endangered species around the world. The products are all handmade by artisan women in Asia and Africa. The proceeds from sales of these the products go towards educating girls, helping achieve economic independence for women, and protecting the natural world where they live. Items include clothing, bags, jewelry, and home items.

Greater Good Store

This site is amazing. It compiles items that help a variety of charities.

You can purchase from the "Hunger" section where purchases go towards helping end world hunger. The proceeds are split among the Mercy Corps, Food Recovery Network, Mae Tao Clinic, Partners in Health, and Millennium Promise charities. Items include

The "Breast Cancer" section supports the cause of promoting greater awareness of Breast Cancer and early detection. By visiting the store and purchasing items, you help generatefunds for free mammograms for women in need. Products include an array of items to show your support, including pink ribbon jewelry and apparel.

The "Animals" section supports charities such as the Humane Society. Gift items for purchase include totes, purses, bags, pet supplies, home décor, clothing, garden and kitchen supplies, car accessories, and more.

The "Veteran's" section was created by the desire to spread the word that a disproportionate number of veterans are homeless, and to provide a way for everyone to help and honor those who have faithfully served our country and now need our support. Purchases go towards providing nutritious meals to veterans. Their products for purchase include clothing, jewelry, footwear, and accessories. They also offer a selection of holiday cards, calendars, patriotic items, and inspirational items.

The "Autism" section of the site partners with Autism Speaks, National Autism Association, Lekotek and other Autism charities to help families living with autism access therapy, and also work to advance autism research. This site has a wonderful assortment of gifts for kids on the Autism spectrum. They also sell totes, purses, bags, home décor, clothing, garden and kitchen supplies, car accessories, and more

The "Alzheimer's" has partnered up with the University of Michigan to help give patients the right care, medical attention, and treatment they need, along researching to discover much needed breakthroughs. Items available to purchase are totes, purses, bags, home décor, clothing, garden and kitchen supplies, car accessories, and inspirational items.

The "Literacy" section of the store partners with charities First Book and Room to Read to focus on promoting literacy for children around the world. The Literacy store provides a great selection of books, kids toys, and holiday items. They also provide a selection of totes, purses, bags, home décor, clothing, garden and kitchen supplies, footwear, inspirational, and fair trade items.

The "Rainforest" section supports charities to promote the preservation of the world's rainforests. Best sellers include books, clothing, totes, jewelry, home décor, and more

  • Greater Good Site- includes link to Hunger, Breast Cancer, Animals, Veteran's, Autism, Alzheimer's, Literacy, and Rainforest stores.


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    • profile image

      GreenPrince 3 years ago

      Beautiful and heart-warming hub. In times like this one couldn't help but to think of and to share with those who most deserve our attentions. If anyone could feed three times a day, he or she shouldn't exitate to share with those who cannot affored even a meal a day.