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Christmas Shopping: Shopping for Your Husband Christmas Gifts

Updated on October 14, 2010

Christmas Shopping for Your Husband

Shopping for your husband Christmas gifts is a piece of cake in comparison to shopping for others, right? After all, he's the person you cherish and you understand him inside out by now. Yet, the reality is the opposite oftentimes. Christmas shopping for your husband gifts may well be the most challenging of all.

Christmas Shopping Stress

Christmas time is the season of giving and to show your love. Your husband is at the top of the list to shower love for the reason that he is by far the most special man to you. You feel compelled to give him the very best. Picking a so-so present for other people on the Christmas list may be fine. It simply isn't tolerable for the man in your life where you're concerned. You need a little something stunning and exceptional for him. This may cost money beyond your budget however. On the other hand, a less expensive gift somehow doesn't appear to convey your feelings adequately.

Besides, after being married for so many years, shopping for your husband Christmas gifts seems to be harder. Every time you see an item you think suits your husband nicely, you tend to go, "But I bought that same brand of cologne for him during Christmas two years ago!" Right away you decide against it and have to begin with another round of searching. It looks as though you have gotten all the possible Christmas gifts for your husband. This just adds to your frustration of shopping for your husband Christmas gifts.

The Thought Counts

Relax. Chill out.

Take a big breath. Then breathe out slowly.

Honestly, you're giving yourself too much pressure trying to be the good wife.

First of all, the price of the present itself isn't a measure of love. It's the action and the feelings behind that matter. The Christmas gift doesn't need to be expensive. It just has to satisfy your hubby. Many wives doubt whether their husbands sense the affection behind the gifts. I can assure you most men do get it. They just don't express it the way women expect them to react. You simply have to read meaning into his responses. Incidentally, if the man still isn't getting it after years of marriage, what's the chance of you seeing him getting it this year?

Shopping for Husband Christmas Gifts
Shopping for Husband Christmas Gifts

Shopping for Your Husband Christmas Gifts

When you're looking for Christmas gift ides for your husband, what do you first do?

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Husband

Recycling Your Holiday Gift Ideas

Anyway, let's take a look at the issue of repetitive gifts. Buying the same holiday presents every year isn't a problem itself. The question is whether or not your husband appreciates and uses the gifts. I do recommend rotating a few of your husband's favorites instead of purchasing exactly the same thing year in year out though, unless it is something fashionable like clothing.

Trendy products such as clothing can be given as recurring gifts. While men's fashion doesn't change as quickly as women, it does change. The pants, sweaters or ties you buy for your husband this year could look totally different from last year. Likewise, your husband's tastes will change. The tie he liked so dearly one or two years back could be out of favor by now. Giving him a chic new tie this coming Christmas will probably go well with him then. Never be afraid to experiment with different styles of shirts or pants for your husband. I know I personally would appreciate it as a man.

Apart from fashion, consumable items are great as repetitive gifts. Aromatic shower gel, cologne, or aftershave are just a few examples. It makes sense to give these items over and over again since they will run out eventually.

Lots of people believe it is dull to give and receive an identical gift again. However it is not necessarily a lousy idea. So long as your husband likes and makes use of them, I don't see why you cannot repeat gifts you have given him previously.

Suit His Tastes

Now, just because I said repeating gifts is alright don't you go all out to give your husband the same brand of cologne time and time again. It's plain silly to do so, especially when your husband has already changed his taste. You have to keep up with his latest pursuits and interests to have an easier time holiday shopping for your husband.

Let's say he recently took up golf and is still hiring golf clubs. Think about choosing a golf bag and getting him a gift certificate to buy club sets. Perhaps he has recently began jogging. Then consider a touch screen MP3 player or a pedometer with armband as a gift. Any item that assists in his hobbies or makes them more enjoyable is a possible Christmas gift.

Observing him carefully can guide you to develop Christmas gift ideas for your husband. When he's the talkative type, you'll have a much simpler task. He might just reveal something he genuinely likes in everyday conversations. Otherwise, it may take quite a bit of detective work to uncover it yourself. One of the ways is to peek at the computer screen whenever he is web surfing. The web site he spends the most time on is very likely to give you clues on the items he wishes. If this fails, ask his friends and colleagues at work. He might have described to them what he wants to acquire for himself. So asking them is a good shot.

Ask Him

Finally, in the event you simply cannot figure out what to get your husband for Christmas, ask him directly. Men are generally straight forward and won't feel upset if you can't guess what he wants. Just be cautious to not give him high hopes when his wishes are out of your budget or you disapprove of his preferred gifts. The best way to go about it is to get him to create a wish list of things he fancies and select a few items from it. Obviously, add a few surprises of your own as well.

Christmas shopping for your husband year after year could turn into a frustrating undertaking. You wish to get the best Christmas gift for your husband but it seems like he has everything. Always bear in mind though that it's the thought that counts. Then follow the tips above to make shopping for your husband Christmas gifts a pleasant experience.


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