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Christmas Shopping With a Twist

Updated on October 3, 2010

Give and Get this Christmas

Believe it or not, it is October already! (Where did the year go?) This means that Christmas is not very far away. Yes, it is time to start thinking about all those gifts that we want to give this Christmas. I know that some people have already created their list of the "naughty and nice" and others have already started to buy their gifts. Amazing! For those who are planning to give gifts this Christmas, I have a gift for you.

Yes, a gift for giving gifts. Now that is amazing!

As you hurry about this holiday season and give to others out of the generosity of your heart, I believe that it is only fair that you earn something in return. Do not misunderstand me. When we give at Christmas time or whenever, we do not do so to get something in return. We simply just do it. However, I would like to submit that it does not hurt if while we are giving out of love, we do get something in return. This is what I call Christmas Shopping with a twist.

It is very simple really. Many of us will be buying gifts online and many others will be buying gift cards - some online. Now, what if you could earn some cash-back on every online purchase that you make? Well, you can.

I would like you to check this out. It is FREE to sign up and you can read just how the program works before joining. Just to give you an overview: there are hundreds of stores that are part of this Rewards Mall. Each company offers a percentage (%) amount in cash-back on every purchase that you make. Whenever you have earned 25 points or $25 in rewards, the company issues you a MasterCard with your money on it. After that, each time you earn extra points you select to have your money loaded on the card that you were initially issued. Note: cash-back amounts generally take about 45 days to become available, but will show up in your account long before that.

I believe that I have said enough. You can read more for yourself and go sign up. It is FREE. Follow this link to go to the Rewards Mall: Note: If you choose to sign up, you will create your own account. However, each time you are ready to shop, you must visit this same link to log into your account: Make a note of it.

Go give this Christmas - as usual - and earn something in return.


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    • tjmatel3 profile image

      Peter Grant 7 years ago from McDonough, GA

      Lifegate, it's hard to believe that Christmas is here already! You're welcome!

    • lifegate profile image

      William Kovacic 7 years ago from Pleasant Gap, PA

      Thanks for the info and for he reminder that Christmas is almost here--again!