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Christmas Stocking Crafts To Share With Family & Friends

Updated on March 21, 2011

Crafts are a great way to spend time with your friends and family. You can sit around a table making Christmas crafts for hours. Throw on some holiday music and try to make your own Christmas stocking crafts this year. Add some hot cider and popcorn to the mix and you will surely entice everyone in your family to join in on the fun. For a few easy Christmas stocking crafts, consider using these ideas. Add your own special touches to make them all your own.

Felt Stocking

Felt is a great product you can use to make your Christmas stocking crafts. You can use it to make full sized stockings. To do this, purchase sheets of felt at your local craft store. Using scissors cut the sheets into a stocking shape. Next, use craft glue to paste the outer edges of two stocking shapes together. Use lace and ribbon to decorate your stocking and allow it to dry. Although they will not hold a large amount of weight, they are great for decorating.

Another thing you can use felt for is stocking ornaments. For this craft, you will cut smaller versions of stockings. You can either glue them together, like you did above, or you can take yarn and sew the edges. This will provide an entirely different look to your Christmas stocking ornament than gluing.

Needlepoint Stocking

If you are creating your Christmas stocking crafts with your friends and you have a large amount to time together, then consider creating needlepoint stockings. You can make your own patterns, or buy the stockings pre-painted and ready for crafting.

You can purchase stockings that can be used for needlepoint at your local needlepoint outlet. They are easy to use and come with everything you need to get started. Needlepoint is a craft that is best for those over the age of twelve. It does require a larger amount of time than the other crafts, so you might want to plan a weekly meeting for a month or two to allow enough time to finish.

Construction Paper Stocking

For craft time with young children, you may want to take it back to the basics. For a basic craft, consider construction paper stockings. Gather together red and green construction paper, glue, crayons, scissors, and stickers. Cut the shapes out of the paper for children who are too young. Allow the children to decorate their stockings with crayons and stickers.

These are perfect to hang on the tree or tape to the walls as decorations. The children will love creating these wonderful decorations and won't be too overwhelmed because this idea is easy enough for even the youngest child to participate in.

Christmas stocking crafts are the perfect way to bond with your family and friends this year. Just invite a few people over, serve holiday snacks, and allow memories to be made. Plan a yearly crafting event where everyone can get together and have a great time. It is surely an event you will begin looking forward to!


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      Denisha 2 years ago

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