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Christmas Stockings for Cats

Updated on October 21, 2012

Your cat loves to get toys and treats and Christmas is no exception. Why not get them a super duper Christmas kitty stocking so's Santa can fill it up on the big day? Better yet, why not make your own? Felt applique stockings are fun to make and absolutely gorgeous when finished (they don't take long to make and they don't require much skill, either!) and your cat will love it. But if you haven't got the time to make one, you can always buy one. The important thing, obviously, is that kitty is very pampered and gets lots of Christmas gifts no matter which type of stocking you choose! So make your cat happy and spoil them rotten with a fancy pet stocking and lots of goodies to go with it!

Bucilla Christmas Kitties

This is felt applique Christmas stockings for cats has loads of kitty breeds, but even if your kitty isn't there, they are still bound to love it. This stocking would also make a great gift for anyone who happens to be a cat lover, erm, as opposed to being an actual cat.

Kyjen Cat Stocking

If you can't read the writing on this kitty Christmas stocking, it says, "Santa I've been ALMOST Purr...fect!" And if you've got a cat, you know that's probably true: Almost perfect, but never quite! This plush red and white stocking is very cute and will fits lots of cat treats and toys!

Cute Cat Stocking

This very cute red felt kitty cat stocking will be thoroughly appreciated by your cat, especially once it's filled with treats! It's 16.5 inches long and 6.25 inches wide. The kitty topper's tail is meant to be hung on the hook while Garfield eagerly awaits Santa's arrival. There is also a doggie version available.

Retro Cat Stocking

I love this adorable cat stocking and it's quite retro in appearance. It reminds me of the Grinch Who Stole Christmas! It's definitely long enough to fits lots of holiday goodies (18 inches) and your cat will adore it. The colors are classic and the material is 100% acrylic and safe to put in the washing machine.

Embroidered Kitty Stocking

Too cute! This precious little kitty stocking is embroidered from a silky red material and measures 19 inches in length. You can request that it be personalized with your cat's name at no extra cost. The kitty's face is applique and the fish at the top of the stocking is a lovely pearly white. Garfield will be pleased!


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