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Christmas: The Origin of Santa Claus aka St. Nick

Updated on December 12, 2012

pictures of St Nick

The real St Nick and Santa Claus

Today is Saint Nicholas Day and in honor I want to share the origin of this man. Saint Nicholas of Myra who was also known as sinnterklaas lived in the 14th century and was a bishop in Myra. He was a very religious man and devoted his life to serving God. He is well known for giving gifts to the poor but the most popular story is that of presenting dowries to poverty stricken sisters so they would not have to become prostitutes. This man is considered the patron saint of Amsterdam and Moscow. With legends such as a real saint who gave gifts to the poor and ridiculous character has developed who gives to good children and represents the very essence of commercialized Christmas.

The Santa Claus we know( also known as St Nick, Kris Kringle, Father Christmas and many other names) is probably a direct result of "twas the night before Christmas" written by Clements Clarke Moore which was originally published in the Sentinel in New York. It was sent to the publication anonymously. It was only later found out that Clements had written it. The story tells of a white bearded man dressed all in red with red cheeks and a jolly laugh. He was carried around the world by 8 tiny reindeer. As years passed, he was more well known as a chubby man.

Unfortunately, this happy man and his reindeer have become somewhat idols and have taken over the true meaning of Christmas. He is used to sell billions of dollars in toys. The true Saint Nicholas would definitely be ashamed of what his image has become.

Now my opinion on this subject is that a child can be told the stories of Santa but should not be led to believe he is real. I never believed in lying to my children. I also believe that by planting the lies in the child's head it is more likely that those children will have a more difficult accepting Jesus. Also, he takes the focus off of Jesus.

Now, I am not a Scrooge by any means but the true meaning of Christmas and the gifts to the poor have almost completely been obliterated by society today and been replaced by commercialism, the spending of money and competing with your neighbor. Also, many non-Christians are trying to obliterate the Savior from this holiday and Santa certainly hasn't helped in that matter.

I pray our Country can come full circle and go back to the true meaning of Christmas, the gift of salvation that Jesus gave us all.


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    • clara kish@yahoo. profile image

      Clara Kish 

      5 years ago from Mt. Perry. Ohio

      Hello Angel , your story is interesting about Santa Claus, I do not like the way that Christ has been neglected in the recent years. I went into my doctor's office a few years ago and he had a huge Christmas tree there, I started to look at it and instead of an angel on top there was a Santa Claus there. I told one of the girls in the office and she had never noticed it. It is a sad thing to have Santa on top of a Christmas tree.I guess we are still able to voice our feelings so far. Clara

    • Smokes Angel profile imageAUTHOR

      Smokes Angel 

      7 years ago from Broke Alabama

      thanks for the comments

    • profile image

      Benedick Louw 

      7 years ago

      Very informative hub particularly this time of the year! First time I actually understand where St Nicholas day originates. Keep it up!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Great hub and I cannot disagree...there are too many commercial "pressures" this time of the year and the true meaning of Christmas seems in short supply


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