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Creating A Christmas Theme Decoration For Wedding Events

Updated on December 1, 2012

If you are looking for a Christmas theme decoration for a wedding there is a lot of fun and unique things you can make and buy to really make the Christmas theme come alive. A Christmas theme decoration for a wedding doesn't have to be overly festive for Christmas or a wedding. There is a balance, and you can create some awesome things that are a little bit wedding and a little bit Christmas.

A simple Christmas theme decoration for a wedding is to use jingle bells. Simply attach two jingle bells to any color of ribbon or lace. You can then attach the little jingle bell decoration to pews, tablecloths, doors, chairs, or just about anywhere. You can also attach a bunched up piece of tulle to the back of the jingle bell decoration for more of a wedding feel. These are really simple, easy, and cheap, too! Remember that simple ideas are often better than more complex ones.

A Christmas themed wedding on the beach.
A Christmas themed wedding on the beach.

Another Christmas theme decoration for a wedding is a wreath. Wreaths can be used just about anywhere, and are common any time of the year in a variety of decorative styles. Creating a Christmas theme decoration for wedding with a wreath is simple. You can simply decorate the wreath with color coordinating ribbons, miniature ornaments, wedding themed decorations, pictures of the bride and groom, or just about anything.

These wedding themed wreaths can be hung just about anywhere on doors, pews, altars, and wall spaces that need decorating. Decorating the wreaths with a little bit of Christmas and wedding themed decorations will give an eclectic look, for sure.

Another great Christmas theme decoration for a wedding is attaching bells, Christmas related characters, or holly to plain pew bows. Attaching items with a hot glue gun to the center of a pew bow will transform an ordinary bow into a beautiful Christmas themed decoration. These bows can also be used for the backs of chairs at receptions, or sewn onto tablecloths.

A sleigh made out of cardboard is always a great Christmas theme decoration for a wedding. A sleigh can be used to hold pots of flowers, gifts for the bride and groom, or even hold wedding cake or a beverage table. Get creative with it, and its sure to be a well-admired decoration. Guests typically notice the little details, so go all out with your imagination and don't be afraid to create something like a sleigh. Or, even see if you can rent a real sleigh for your wedding!

Creating a Christmas them decoration for a wedding really can be simple and fun. Look through your decorations at home and you'll likely get flooded with ideas for decorations. Whets great is that Christmas decorations don't cost a lot, so you can mix and match decorations to come up with a look that you want for your wedding. A Christmas theme should be fun and joyous, so enjoy yourself! Your Christmas themed wedding will only happen once! Good luck!


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