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Christmas Tree Decorating Themes and Ideas

Updated on October 28, 2014

To some the Christmas tree is a complicated decoration that requires only the basics: tree, stand, blanket, lights, garland/ribbon, ornaments, and topper. Many of these trees look pretty, but in a multiple color mish-mash kind of way. Others take a different approach to making a Christmas tree. They may make this a unique event with family coming together to hear songs and eat cookies. They may choose a different theme each year. Perhaps they decorate their entire home in a specific theme, with the Christmas tree being the "centerpiece" decoration.

For those that enjoy seeing what a Christmas tree can become, here are the following themes and tips.

Photo taken by: tsayrate
Photo taken by: tsayrate | Source

Here is a Canadian tree. As you can see there are Canadian flags all over with a red maple leaf at the top. They continued this theme with red garland / white tree branch contrast. The great thing about this theme is that the whole house can be decorated in red and white for a singular Christmas feel.

Tip: Start with the topper and work down. The first decoration most people see is the top of the tree.

Photo taken by: tsayrate
Photo taken by: tsayrate | Source

This is a Wizard of Oz tree. The cardboard cutout next to the tree helps emphasize the theme. For most, this cardboard cutout is the first thing they see. The crown and dress on the cutout helps give the originally flat surface a 3D feel. The wands in the tree are a nice touch, but the witch hat at the very top is lost. (Stay away from black tree toppers! They are not easy to see.)

The flying sock monkeys at the bottom are a nice touch, but need to be further emphasized.

Tip: Center the tree around a specific decoration. (In the example above they used a house)

Photo taken by: tsayrate
Photo taken by: tsayrate | Source

This pink tree leaves nothing to chance as at every nook and cranny is another pink thing. The subtle trick with this tree is in how particular decorations are extra shiny. The side decorations are cute, especially contrasting the white house. However, the tree does not show any of this white contrast.

Tip: Focus on one or two colors. If you focus on two colors, make sure they compliment well.

Photo taken by: Cliff
Photo taken by: Cliff | Source

This tree is called Reindeer Games because it is covered in various games. Most people would not normally come to that conclusion without being told. The color of the games really helps make this tree stand out. The topper also helps show off the name of the tree, making the theme more obvious.

What is great about this theme is that the theme feels like the end of Christmas (receiving toys in presents) but lasts the entire Christmas season.

Tip: Go with an unusual decoration and then go overboard with that type of decoration.

Photo taken by: Cliff
Photo taken by: Cliff | Source

This is a baseball park tree devoted to a specific team. However, the heavy use of "red, white, and blue" may confuse some people to believe that the theme is being patriotic. Luckily, they put a topper on the tree that helps explain what this tree theme is going for. There are also baseball bats and small baseballs in the tree, but those are harder to see.

Tip: Avoid confusion to other themes. Make the tree theme as obvious as possible. (Getting an outside opinion may help)

Photo taken by: Iana Peralta
Photo taken by: Iana Peralta | Source

This tree starts the lists "odd-ball" tree themes. Up to this point we've been examining normal trees with unique decorations. Now we move away to "tree like" Christmas trees.

This theme used lumber to build a cross section that looks like a tree. What is interesting here is that the tree is very minimalist yet playful. The core of this photo is that the very middle lights up the decorations on each branch. If the lights were strung from branch to branch, like a normal tree, this would look a lot worse.

Tip: If well planed, you can remove the tree from "Christmas Tree".

Photo taken by: Cliff
Photo taken by: Cliff | Source

This fabric tree plays on the theme of a Christmas tree in two ways. First, the way the fabric lays is how a garland would look. Second, the lights underneath the fabric look like traditional Christmas lights peeking out. The only thing that worries me about this tree is if the lights got to hot and set the fabric on fire.

This tree would also not work very well for decorations, which makes the theme a "one trick pony".

Tip: Use the right material and be careful of heat.

Photo taken by: duchessoftea
Photo taken by: duchessoftea | Source

This snowman is fantastic! I am sure that normally this would be just a three sectioned plant, but to get into the Christmas spirit they made it a snowman Christmas tree. This mix of everyday and Christmas can quickly launch people walking on the streets into a Christmas mood.

Tip: Ignore specifics and look at shapes first. See if they can be used for something new.

Photo taken by: tsayrate
Photo taken by: tsayrate | Source

Here is the Harley Christmas tree. This is a fantastic idea of re-using material in such a way that a tree is invented. The little motorcycle Santa's below the tree are adorable and help drive home the tree theme.

Much like the fabric tree, this would not work well for decorations. (Unless little holes were drilled into the rubber)

Tip: Re-use old material to build something new.

Which was your favorite tree?

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    • daxamite profile imageAUTHOR

      James Livingood 

      5 years ago from Seattle, WA

      Thank you! I am glad you liked it!

    • profile image

      Janice Horner 

      5 years ago

      Love this hub and all the images and information which is really helpful. Lots of energy has been put into creating this very entertaining article. Brilliant!


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