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Christmas Tree Farms In The Summer Time

Updated on July 16, 2012

Christmas Tree Farm


Summer Farm Activities For Growers of Chrismas Trees

If you have a good imagination and close your eyes, you can almost feel the cold wind and see your Christmas tree standing in the field, blanketed in a foot of freshly fallen snow. Now open your eyes and snap back to reality, and join the rest of for what has been one of the hottest, driest summers on record.

Although the Christmas season gets into high gear in November and December, it’s hard for most people to think about Christmas trees in the summer. However, for those who have the responsibility of a growing beautiful tree that will be part of your family’s holiday, summer can be a pretty busy time.

During an extremely dry period like the summer of 2012, a great deal of attention is focused on the irrigation of the trees. Using a form of irrigation called “trickle irrigation”, we irrigate the trees on a daily basis. With hundreds of acres of trees, this requires the monitoring of miles of irrigation tubing, and countless valves and pumps. Additionally, it requires a watchful eye to ensure all trees are receiving the correct amount of water, not too much, and not too little.

Summer is also when trees are sheered and shaped to ensure they have great appearance for your home. A large team of sheering experts walks the field and visit every tree, removing branches and shoots that extend beyond a desirable length. All pine cones are removed from the trees as pine cones require some of the tree’s resources that are better used for growing a healthier tree. Some pine cones are saved to be used on Christmas wreaths. It proves to be a very time consuming activity when there are tens of thousands of trees to visit. This is also an opportunity to grade the Christmas trees so that the farmers can ensure that the trees that meet the criteria to classified as a “Number One” quality Christmas tree.

Not there is any free time during the summer months, but it is also important to administer weed control in the fields. Weeds pull nutrients from the ground that should be going to the trees. Additionally, a weed free field discourages small animals from nesting and damaging the trees.

Even though the holiday season seems to take a break during the summer months, it is prime time for tree growers.


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    • moonlake profile image


      6 years ago from America

      Great information on tree farms. We have many of them here and they are worked on all year. Voted up and interesting.


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