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Christmas Trees Honoring Christ

Updated on February 9, 2017

Christmas Trees That Honor CHRIST

Three years ago, I started decorating my tree to honor Christ. Years ago, many people would not even decorate a tree. Some believed that the tree was an example of taking something that represented Christ and placing things of the world on it.

The first year I decided to decorate a Christ tree, I decorated my tree in purple to represent Jesus's royalty. I used white lights on my tree and all my decorations were in purple. I had purple Christmas balls, a purple ribbon as my tree topper, purple icicles and made a number of purple ornaments. I made purple crosses out of craft sticks. I rolled a ball out of purple yarn. I put wooden beads together in a bracelet form and painted them purple. Also, I took an empty spool that thread had been on and made an ornament. Using purple paper, I wrote, there was no room in the inn and glued it on the empty spool. I then tied a purple ribbon through the holes in the spool and hung it on the tree. I made a white tree skirt and cut out purple letters to read Happy Birthday Jesus.

The following year, I did my tree in red and green.The red represents Jesus's shed blood and the green represents one's maturity in Christ. Red and green Christmas balls adorned the tree as well as red and green ribbons. Wooden letters purchased from Wal- Mart were spray-painted red. Then they were tied to the tree with red ribbon.Red icicles were hung from the tree. Religious ornaments were also used to decorate the tree. I made a red tree skirt placing green letters on the felt to read Happy Birthday Jesus.

This year, a wise man theme was used. I used gold ribbon on the tree to represent the gift of gold. For frankincense and myrrh, I used brown Christmas balls and a Christmas ribbon with golds, browns, and greens in it. I made a tree skirt using white felt, placing cut out brown letters to read Wise Men Still Seek Him. The lights were white and I did hang some religious ornaments.

Christmas 2017 I am going to use an angel theme and use white lights on the tree with angel ornaments. I will make a tree skirt with the wording Angels We Have Heard on High. After all, it was the angels who proclaimed the birth of Christ to the shepherds.

I prefer white lights as they represent the purity of Christ. Of course, colored lights can represent each of us and our imperfections which through our confession of faith, our sins are forgiven and we are washed white as snow.

The Christmas tree has a long history. In many countries. Evergreens were believed to keep away witches, ghosts, evil spirits, and illness.

Germany is credited with starting the Christmas tree. Its use in Germany was first recorded in the 1830's. In 1841, Queen Victoria of Britain and her husband, German-born Prince Albert, brought a Christmas tree into Windsor Castle.

. In Germany, there were two customs associated with the Christmas tree. They had a paradise tree which was a fir tree decorated with apples to represent the tree of knowledge in the Garden of Eden. The other tree was called The Christmas Light. It was a small pyramid- like frame decorated with glass balls, tinsel and a candle on top. It was a symbol of the birth of Christ as the light of the world. Thus, the tree represented the tree of life in Genesis and metaphorically Christ himself, our tree of life whose fruit brings us eternal life.

By the 1890's, Christmas trees become popular in the United States. People used candles to light the tree until electricity arrived. Then the use of Christmas lights began. The lights represent the glory and wonder of what Christ did on the cross. Stars and angels were tree toppers The star correlated to the star that led the wise men to baby Jesus. The angel was used to identify with his role in announcing the birth of Jesus to the shepherds. Nuts, berries, cookies, and popcorn were also used on trees.Some people added the candy cane which is a wonderful example of the Christmas story. The candy cane turned in one direction is the letter J for Jesus.Turned in the other direction, the candy cane is the shepherd's crook. It is hard like a rock since Jesus is known as our rock. It is white to represent His purity. The red stripes represent the stripes Jesus bore after His beating, before His crucifixion. In addition, the candy cane was scented with peppermint and is a reminder of the spices used to prepare Jesus's body for burial. The candy cane becomes an excellent teaching tool to all who enter your home at Christmas. Many have never heard the candy cane story. There is a book that tells this story. Buy the book and read the story beside your tree using the candy cane as a teaching tool.

Why not try a Jesus- themed tree with various types of Jesus ornaments on the tree. You may have to collect these ornaments over the years to have enough to place on the tree. Christian book stores are a prime location for these. Check out the dollar store. There may be some here.

Another idea maybe to honor Christ through reminders of the crucifixion. Nails tied with purple ribbon make a nice accent on a tree with white lights. Cross ornaments can be made as well as purchased.

Another possible theme, place all the characters of the nativity scene on your tree...Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, angels, shepherds, wise men, cows, sheep. Place a star atop your tree and accent with the color of ribbon you desire. You may also make salt dough ornaments and put varnish on them to preserve. Use nativity scene cookie cutters. Most Christian bookstores carry these. You can also go online and find them. What a constant reminder of the Christmas story each time you look at your tree! Also, this is a great way to teach your children the real meaning of Christmas.

Plan your tree at the end of the Christmas season, so you can buy your Christmas decorations while they are on sale. Michael's and Hobby Lobby are some of the best stores to find your decorations in a myriad of colors. At the end of the Christmas season, decorations may be picked over, so you may be forced to buy the decorations when the new inventory is put out.


1. Do you like the idea of having a Christ- centered tree?

Yes _____ No ______

3. Would you decorate your tree in a way to honor Christ?

Yes______ No_______

4. Share any themes you have used to honor Christ.

5. When do you put up your tree?

_____ Before Thanksgiving

_____ After Thanksgiving

______First Week in December

6. When do you take your tree down?

-------- Week after Christmas

______ Before the New Year

______ Epiphany


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