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Christmas Trees in 2014

Updated on December 29, 2014

A Christmas symbol

The Christmas tree has become to the most representative symbol of Christmas season of 2014. The Cities shine at night, illuminated by the Christmas trees, traditional streetlights, and street lighting. Along the streets appears the trunks and main branches of trees wrapped by cords of lights, usually green, white and red. In the squares, public spaces emblematic, and in doorways and gardens, trees also show their colored lights. Sometimes they are natural, sometimes they are artificial. Artificial trees are decorated with its traditional glass spheres, stars, ties, and bulbs. This year people have repositioned near Christmas trees the images that reflect the birth of Jesus, the main reason for the Christmas season. But they have also added animals, Santa Claus, gift boxes and countless decorative elements. The popular imagination and the commercial offers have increased year after year the different decorative motifs, such as canes, hats, tights, small stuffed animals and figures of children. Many people have had to buy more than one artificial tree. The devotion for this Christmas symbol has increased so much that in some cases has transgressed the spaces of the rooms and the vestibules. This year many people have placed the Christmas trees in the bedrooms, on the comfortable, and in the center of the table where the family gathers for dinner and celebrate the day of Christmas Eve and Christmas.

Christmas Tree White House

Christmas tree has reached governmental relevance, and usually marks the start of Christmas season in many nations. In this 2014, Christmas season in the United States began on 4 December, when President Barack Obama lit the traditional Christmas tree in the White House. The audience gathered for the occasion was wearing hats, scarves and coats to ward off the winter. President, his wife Michelle, and daughters Malia and Sasha, were applauded by all who witnessed the 92 celebration of the lighting ceremony. The tree was lit by two thousand small green and red lights, and crowned with a four-pointed yellow star. It's a huge tree almost 6 meters tall. Around him were placed small decorated trees first by girls around the country, which used a design program facilitated by the technology of the Google Company.

Vatican Christmas Tree

The same day that Barack Obama lit Christmas tree in the White House, was transported to Rome the tree that would be planted in the St. Peter's Square. A few days later, between Christmas carols and official greetings, Pope Francisco lit Christmas tree. With this act, performed on 19 December, was given continuity to a tradition started in 1982 by Pope John Paul II. The tree was donated by the town of Fabrizia, in Calabria (Southern Italy). Its height is 25 meters and measures approximately 10 meters in diameter. Near the giant tree was located the Portal of Bethlehem. This Portal reflects the birth of Jesus, and consists in twenties terracotta figures in natural size, with clothing and accessories resistant to weathering. Referring to the Christmas tree and the manger in Bethlehem, His Holiness said that they are two elements that "touch the heart of everyone, including those who disbelieve, because they speak of fraternity, intimacy and friendship." He added that they are "an invitation to unity, harmony and peace" and to "make room in our personal and social life to God, who does not is coming with arrogance to impose their power, but offers us his omnipotent love through the figure of a child. "During the act of lighting of the Christmas tree, the anthem of Italy and the Papal States, was hea

Former and current Christmas Trees

Devotion to the illuminated and decorated trees, reach the current generation by traditions that originated in ancient civilizations. Most scholars in this topic affirm that the first Christmas trees were planted in Germany and Scandinavia, during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. However, some raise that the Germans and Scandinavians obtained this tradition of Alsace, a town on the left bank of the Rhine; or perhaps from the Romans, who in turn they took it from the Babylonians and Egyptians. So no one knows for sure the exact start of this cultural and religious tradition. But all agree that initially the pines, mistletoe, spruce and fir were used; and later people created farms for growing Christmas trees, as the farm in New Jersey in the United States. These trees were illuminated by torches and candles, and decorated with apples. Apples symbolized original sin and temptation, while the torches and candles represented the universal light of Jesus Christ.

As society has evolved, Christmas trees have also evolved. In some countries people have replaced their wooden structure by metal. A convincing example is the floating Christmas tree largest the world, located in Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil. This tree is located in the middle of a lagoon, and has an iron structure covered with neon light. Also people have changed their position. In the Galleries Lafayette, one of the most elegant and famous shopping centers in France, the Christmas tree is hanging from the ceiling of the galleries. Christmas trees have a long history of transformations. For this year 2014, very few Christmas trees displayed apples, torches and candles originally used. These elements have been permanently transformed into spheres of lights, bows, stars, light bulbs, and all kinds of ornaments engendered by the popular imagination and the market. These changes have made of the Christmas tree a wonderful and fascinating symbol of the creative beauty of humanity.


Primeros cristianos-



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      Agustin Lias 

      3 years ago

      Thanks to Rolando and Yeisel for your comments. I'm glad to know that the article liked you and it has been useful.

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      Rolando Badia 

      3 years ago

      I like this article. I am going to be a follower of you. I love your stile. Congratulation.

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      Yeisel Lazara 

      3 years ago

      An excellent article.


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