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Beautiful & Elaborate Christmas Village Decorations

Updated on March 21, 2011

If you spend a lot of money on fancy village pieces for your Christmas village decorations, then it is only appropriate that you also create a lovely and elaborate area for your village to be placed. To get your Christmas village decorations to look less than ordinary, consider using the surroundings as your starting point. Using background, placement, and lighting, you will find you can create a realistic atmosphere for your Christmas village decorations.

When choosing your pieces for your elaborate village, be sure to keep your space size and theme in mind. Most villages have an underlying style to them. For instance, some are very detailed and made from plastic while others are simple and made from ceramic. Sticking with one maker is the best way to keep your look uniform and realistic.

Choosing pieces that move or light up is also nice when trying to capture an extreme look. They will draw attention to your village, which is what you are going for. Village pieces are expensive, especially the really nice ones, so you may want to start small and build onto it with a new piece each year.

Most people don't bother decorating the background of their Christmas village setup, which is a big mistake. You can easily decorate the background and make your village look more realistic.

Elegant Victorian Village Displays:

To make a snowy background you will need a white sheet, empty rolls of toilet paper or wooden blocks, a can of glitter spray gloss, and some craft stuffing. Lay out the sheet and the stuffing and spray it with the gloss. Allow it to dry completely.

Then, take your rolls of toilet paper, or wooden blocks, and line them strategically along the back of your area. Drape the sheet over them and down the back of the area as well as along the top and down the front of the area. You may need to fold it to make it look appropriate. The blocks will give it depth and make it look like snowy hills while the spray gloss will make the rest look like fresh snow. Use the stuffing to create "snow" along the "ground" of your village. You can use it all over, or just in certain areas.

Where you place your village is very important. If you have a small table to place your village upon, it is best. Mantels work well for small villages, but elaborate villages need a larger space to spread out. Make sure your village is not in a highly trafficked area, like a hallway, because you don't want it to get knocked over. However, you do want it to be noticed, so you can place it in a place when people gather.

If you want your village to stand out among the rest, then use these Christmas village decorations to help turn an ordinary village into an elaborate work of art. Get creative and use your best judgment when adding components. And above all, have fun creating your lovely Christmas village decorations!


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