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Baking - equip your kitchen with pans cookie cutters baking trays and all baking supplies

Updated on July 14, 2011

Baking at home - making life flavorful

As the season of Christmas approaches it is impossible not to be nostalgic of the sights smells of the season, the baking that is done during this season evokes rich memories. Cooking and baking at home is what makes the season special. The smell of cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, candied ginger and other spices wafting through the air with the fresh smell of baking is what lends magic to the air. You do not have to live with just memories; this can become a reality if you have the necessary equipment for baking your way through Christmas into the hearts of your loved ones. Baking isn’t rocket science, nor does it take so much time as it used to in the days of yore. The equipment that we have at the press of a few keys at can make the hardest of cooking appear easy. Here is a quick guide for the equipment that you need to get on with your Christmas preparations.

Tips to get organised for the Christmas season

Are you anxious about how to get yourself organized? Don’t worry. You have tips here to help you get organized.

  • Firstly check out all the equipment that you have, make sure that they are in good working condition, if not get it from the best of products displayed here to assist you.
  • Next, you need to make a list of the things that you plan to bake. Keep it simple and short don’t over do it and stress yourself out.
  • Get the recipes that you need, ahead of time, print them out, file or clip them together to make them handy while you are at the job.
  • List out the ingredients and quantities and buy them well in advance. There you are all set and ready for your baking/cooking adventure.

Cookie pans, cookie cutters

There are beautifully designed cookie pans available today that you do not have to spend too much time designing and cutting them out.

While making cookies, use slightly greased cutters with some cooking oil will save yourself a lot of trouble and the cookies will come out cleaner and faster. Make sure that you have atleast a few cookie sheets so that you can have the batches ready and save some time. Non stick cookware would be easier to use, but if you are concerned about health you may wants to go through the process of butter and flouring the tins and papers, so make sure that you order them all at one shot.

Beautifully designed cake pans can make your work of decoration easy. A rotating cake decoration tray will come in handy for your decorating puddings and cakes. There is nothing more inviting than a nicely decorated Christmas pudding or cake that will be the center piece of a festively set table.

Ginger bread men, ginger bread cookie pans

Ginger bread men or gingerbread men cookies are always popular with children and are great decoration pieces, adding color and fun to the table.

So make sure that you have a few trays to cater to this need if you have little children. Having good pie dishes that are big enough to go around a table of guests will be a great idea.

Having the right measuring spoons and serving ladles will add to simplifying work.

Good rolling pins are a big help.

Here is a tip if you want to cut out cookies, roll out the dough and put them on the cookie sheet, that are prepared cut out directly on the trays and just remove the scraps this will ensure less breakage and the shapes will remain more or less perfect.

Spread the cheer around this season make it special for yourself, your family, friends and with your personal touch. A gift of a beautifully decorated cake or a tray of cookies is a heart warming gesture too.

I wish you a great season of fun and joy, have a wonderful Christmas.


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    • sofs profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Thanks, Rtalloni. I love the ginger bread man pans too... makes work less messy.. Have a lovely day!!

    • RTalloni profile image


      6 years ago from the short journey

      Thanks for a good guideline on keeping the kitchen equipped for any holiday celebration. I love the gingerbread man pans!

    • sofs profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Flobe, thank you for stopping by, I just wonder how much more easier can things get, isn't it wonderful. Have a Merry Christmas yourself!!

    • FloBe profile image

      Flo Belanger 

      7 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

      I've never seen the cookie cutter pans before--what a great time-saver! I've always done it the traditional way with separate cookie cutters. Thanks for the good idea.


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