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Christmas decorations to catch your eye.

Updated on January 22, 2015

Remember the Christmas ornaments from the 50s-70s? They were shiny with some having details on them or even little kitschy wooden ones. Every now and then you'll find them at a yard sale or thrift store if someone is cleaning out things that have been held onto for years. Well, it seems that retro Christmas ornaments are coming back into style.

Some people are suing them to decorate their trees along with the bubble lights that have the retro look. But if you don't want to hassle with storing those breakable ornaments or just want to display them in a different way, here's an idea for you.

My sister loves most things from the 50s and 60s. She would fit great into an episode of "I Love Lucy". This year when decorating for Christmas, she came up with a way to display her treasured ornaments and keep them safe from her tree climbing cats.

The result was this neat wreath made of some vintage ornaments. It can hang anywhere that needs a festive touch. Then when the holidays are over you can just pop it into a storage bin to save for next year. It's a perfect way to share the things from Christmases past.

To make one, you need to gather up some ornaments that you'd like to use.

Get a wreath to use as a base. We used a tinsel type from Dollar Tree or Big Lots.

Lay the larger ball ornaments around the wreath til you get them positioned as you want them.

Next use hot glue to attach the larger ball type ornaments around the wreath to form a base.

Then glue the remaining ornaments to fill in and layer until the wreath is full.

Hang in your desired location. The wreaths have hangers already on them .


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      Eragon 2 years ago

      I will definitely play a beautiful video on my TV screen next Christmas. I think it will be fun to play a video of a fireplace since I have none myself. Maybe something like this: . I hope this can be the right thought-provoking impulse for you too.