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Christmas gift list

Updated on March 12, 2011

Christmas Gift List

Yes, Every Year I read, get advice and resolve to make a Christmas gift list for the next year. As usual this year also I forgot to do it. But so far I have never missed anyone, though it may not be something to boast. Without giving much advice, I'll write here the many Christmas gift ideas that have saved me even though i didn't write the Christmas gift list.

Consider these gift ideas if you realize at the last minute, that you have forgotten to buy a Christmas gift to a loved one. These ideas for gift may not be the best, but to cover up the forgetting and the carelessness they can be godsends.

Let us save the good things for the next year. Write your Christmas gift list at the beginning of the year and ........ don't forget where you kept it. write in the new diary. Oh! That's a Good Idea!!!. Look for a nice diary for your granny or the grandpa. They'll love to have old fashioned paper diaries as gifts for Christmas...... I bet!


2011 Diary
2011 Diary
2011 Diary
2011 Diary

Add a Christmas Card and Don't Forget to Write Your Greeting

When you give a Christmas gift to anybody never forget to include a Christmas card and write your personal greeting. Be very careful not to mix up cards.

If you could not buy anything for your niece who is studying at high school give her a cash gift, put it inside the card. A check or a gift card also is suitable. Young students appreciate this type of gift. they like to have their choices. Make them happy with that.

If you arrange to deliver the gift by express or courier send a card (better an e-card) and write the tracking number in case that gets delayed it can be checked.

The gift shops, stores and most shopping centers are open till late night on the Christmas eve so that late Christmas shoppers can do their shopping. But you have to know that best things have been picked up by early shoppers and the items left may be not so popular things. Therefore the last minute shoppers have to be very thoughtful when selecting items from depleted stocks.

This Year's Hottest Gift?

Shopping online also is a good idea even for last minute shoppers. Buying from Amazon or e-bay will help the shopper to avoid mingling with large crowds and heavy traffic. Amazon claims that Kindle e-reader is this years hottest gift item and the most wished for item. Buy a kindle for your son or the daughter.

For the online shoppers it is best to browse through the catalog and select Christmas gifts appropriate for the recipient. Choosing good Christmas presents for your loved ones should bring a great joy to you and receiving the gift brings great happiness to the recipient. The value is immaterial, but the fact that you remember them on the Christmas the day for giving with your heart is what matters. So even at the last moment buy something and make them happy. Try to make them happy with a very small item if you do not have money to buy expensive gifts. Giving will bring great happiness for you also in the coming year.


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