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Christmas gifts for your boyfriend

Updated on December 22, 2013

You can purchase or make gifts for your boyfriend for Christmas. Homemade gifts represent the real spirit of Christmas. The love that goes into creation of homemade gifts is visible and hence better than anything purchased off the shelf. It is also one of the reasons why homemade gifts are ideal Christmas gifts for boyfriend. Some popular homemade Christmas gifts are listed below.

  • Scarves and sweaters: If you know how to knit, then you can knit a scarf, a sweater, or muffs for your boyfriend. It is a fantastic Christmas gift. You may inculcate the Christmas colors, that is; red, white, and green, albeit sparingly; else it will forever lay in the closet. You can also personalize them by knitting his initials. It is important to ensure that the knitted items fit him and that he has a requirement for them.

  • Homemade chocolates: If your boyfriend is fond of chocolates then homemade chocolates will indeed delight him to no end. Even if your boyfriend is not particularly fond of chocolates, he will appreciate and love the effort that you have put into creating the delicacies. You can make chocolates of varied shapes, sizes, and flavors, but ensure that the flavor that he likes the most is most prominent. Put in a personalized homemade card with loving messages inside the chocolate box. It will be a great addition and serve as a reminder of the way your feel about him.

  • A painting: If you are artistic, then you may paint a picture of the two of you together vacationing in a destination of your choice. You may also opt for other subjects, but they must have some relevance for your boyfriend or remind him of the wonderful relationship that the two of you have. A Christmas scene will also work. Don’t forget to frame the painting before gifting it to your boyfriend.

  • Memory jar: If you have been dating your boyfriend for some time, then you may have many reminders of the wonderful times spent together. If have the stubs of movie and concert tickets, cards, etc. you can put all of them in a jar decorated with Christmas ornaments and gift the memory jar to your boyfriend. You may also use a finely crafted wooden box to store these memories.Another interesting option is to make a collage of photographs of you as a couple. He will definitely relish reliving the wonderful times spent with you. Frame the collage in a nice frame before gifting it to your boyfriend.

Christmas gifts for your boyfriend that can be purchased: You may buy the below listed Christmas gifts for your boyfriend if you do not have the time for making them.

  • Personalized gift items: There are many things used by men which can be personalized by engraving, carving, or embossing them with initials. Despite the many advancements in technology which have made several things redundant, the mighty pen has not lost its value. You can gift a monogrammed pen to your boyfriend during Christmas. It will a Christmas gift that is well within your budget. Avoid going overboard with the embossing. His initials and a short loving message is ideal. Other personalized gift items include embossed leather wallets, pillow cases with both your names stitched on them, engraved cuff links, and initialized leather bags.

  • A smartphone or laptop: If you want to pamper your boyfriend, or if his phone needs an upgrade, or if he does not have a smartphone, then you can buy the latest iPhone or an android or windows smartphone for your boyfriend this Christmas. In case he already has the latest smartphone, then you can purchase accessories for that phone. Another fantastic Christmas gift for your boyfriend is a brand new laptop. It will not only delight him but will also be a practical gift in case he needs to upgrade from an older laptop. There are many laptops in the market which will fall within your budget, as well as high-end laptops, if you want to splurge and spoil him.

  • Video game console or sports gear: You can never go wrong by gifting your boyfriend a video game console during Christmas. However, you have to be sure that he will have enough time for you after you make this supreme sacrifice! You can go for a PS3 or an Xbox, or the latest games if he already has a console. Sports gear such as running shoes, a set of golf clubs, tennis racket, baseball bat and gloves, etc. also make great Christmas gifts for your boyfriend.

  • Vacation: If you are really in the mood to indulge your boyfriend, and if you have the budget, then a vacation is another great Christmas gift. It will not only allow him to have a wonderful time away from the busy life, but will also allow the two of you to enjoy a really romantic Christmas vacation.


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    • Michaela Osiecki profile image

      Michaela 2 years ago from USA

      If you guy's into music or movies - consider buying him an instrument or accessories for an already owned instrument. For the film buff, maybe a DVD set of his favorite series?