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Christmas Time in Branson Missouri

Updated on December 9, 2011

Christmas In Branson Missouri

Christmas in Branson Missouri is wonderful! If you ever get the chance to go and see it, I would do it at least once. The lights, and festivities, decorations are extra wonderful here. At first I thought just Silver Dollar City got all decked out in its "Christmas Attire", but it isn't limited to Silver Dollar City at all. In fact, long before Thanksgiving comes around, you will see the stores gearing up for Christmas. Santa Claus and Nativity Scenes abound everywhere, as do Christmas trees, reindeer, elves, toys, candy and the like. There are even year round Christmas stores. Some of the decorations are just more fun and kid like, some are very elegant and sophisticated however.

The Christmas cheer isn't limited to just those things I mention above, but there are many shows, drives and events you can see as well. I will share many of the current things available now, and that have been available for years. Do make sure to check in advance if your heart is set on seeing something in particular. Chances are, they will still be there, but if not you can opt to see one of the many other options available. It is a very exciting time, and isn't limited to the days just around Christmas by any means.

I know for a fact, that Silver Dollar City's events are top notch, and the little Christmas parade they have is just wonderful, and ends with Santa Clause, and it really warms your heart to see the Children and adults just have such a great time. 

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Branson, MO, USA
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B markerSilver Dollar City, Missouri -
Silver Dollar City, Indian Point Road, Branson, MO 65737, USA
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Some shows to see in Branson around Christmas time

First of all, you can't go wrong with just driving down the main strips in Branson, and going to Silver Dollar City for "getting into the spirit of Christmas."  There are a few shows that are a must to at least consider.  This is by no means an exhaustive list, as you will find many more things to see than I share here. 

Spirit of Christmas The Spirit of Christmas, Santa's Holiday Celebration runs approximately October 31 through December 10th.  It is at the Branson Variety Theater located on Country Blvd in Branson Missouri.  You will hear wonderful Christmas songs, see amazing holiday costumes and the "highest kicking chorus girls this side of the North Pole!"  Go to to learn more.

Celebrate Christmas At the Mansion  Celebrate Christmas at the Mansion with the Gatlin Brothers and Debby Boone together sounds like a great show as well.  You can get reservations and find out more at  This is a must see Christmas show, and includes great music of traditional Christmas songs as well as touching stories of family memories.  It is a great combination!  This show runs from November 2, through December 4 approximately. Call or visit site for exact times.

The Andy Williams Christmas Show  This looks like a really good show, and I would highly recommend it!   It runs from November 1 through December 11 approximately.  Kids are free to this show with a paid adult, so that is a real plus.  Long ago, many families gathered around the television to watch Andy Williams during his Christmas show.  Now they can all come see him live for a wonderful experience.  This is located of course at the Andy Williams Moon River Theatre.  To find out more, go to  You can enjoy lunch or dinner before or after the show at the Moon River Grill.  This restaurant features Andy's mother's recipes, and everything is made from scratch!  Now that is something you can hardly find anymore!  At the grill, you can find live entertainment nightly from 11am to 11pm. 

Christmas On the Trail  Christmas on the Trail takes a different twist on Christmas, but sounds like a great and unique experience all its own.  It says that it is a "Festive and Heartwarming Chuckwagon Dinner Show!"  This show runs a little longer than some of the others.  If you miss some of the above dates, you can still make this one perhaps and still view all the sights around Branson that are still very much in the spirit of Christmas.  It runs from Noevember 1, through January 1.  Go to the to find out more information on this and other shows.  The "dinnerbell" rings at 5:30pm, and you can join the folks for a fun time around the "campfire" to celebrate a country cowboy Christmas.  It also has a wonderful chuckwagon dinner to go along with the show!  There is festive Christmas music of course, and you can sing along with some favorite carols, and laugh at the humor and fun stories that are shared.  This show makes a point to not miss out on the true meaning of Christmas.  The ticket for this show also includes the journey through the trail of lights (more information below) as well as the Inspiration Tower.  Located in the Pavillion Theatre at the Shepherd of the Hills.   

Their menu includes a big bowl of "3 bean trail chili, Cookie's sparklin' dutch oven taters, a delicious chicken breast, flame roasted ear of corn, slab of cornbread with honey butter, and is topped off with fresh made apple cobbler".  So you won't go home hungry!

The Trail of Lights, a fun drive and experience

The Trail of Lights is known nation wide as "One of America's Greatest Christmas Spectaculars".   Having recently been in Branson, I have seen this from the outside, and it is something that I hope to go back and see real soon.  I also saw the Inspiration Tower, and the Boulevard of Trees.  Basically, this is a drive through animated Christmas Light Display.  I have to admit, that there is something about driving around in a warm vehicle, watching the Christmas lights at night in such displays.  The Travel Channel even has been quoted as saying, "One of the most dazzling Christmas spots in America!"  Located also at the Shepherd of the Hills, it runs from November 1 through January 1.  There is a special Christmas Eve Show on December 24 as well.  It is open 7 nights a week, from dusk until after the shows.  There is even a Vigilante Extreme ZipRider open each evening, but I imagine that you would have to be really bundled up to keep warm.  This is for those adventure seekers out there!  There is something for everyone, including even fresh popped kettle corn, one of my favorite snacks.  This all is located on highway 76 in Branson Missouri.  You can find out more at, or 

There is much much more

I can't really begin to share all that there is to do in Branson Missouri even just as Christmas time.  Almost every shop and restaurant that I saw was putting out or already had out Christmas decorations.  Hopefully this information whets your appetite, in regards to getting a feel for what is available in Branson Missouri during this wonderful holiday season.  If you know of others, do share with us all as I hope to learn and see more in the future as well.

In our hotel alone, there were wonderful big Santa Clauses, and Nutcrackers and wreaths, lights, and you name it, they had it there.  It really is a good time there. 

Do you like to see Christmas lights at Christmas time?

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      Paula 7 years ago from The Midwest, USA

      Daydreamer, thank you!

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      Paula 7 years ago from The Midwest, USA

      WoodyMarx, thank you! I am glad to hear that.

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      Sounds great!

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      Woody Marx 7 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      You make everyone who reads this want to visit this enchanting city!