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Christmas in the Czech Republic

Updated on November 30, 2010
main square
main square

Christmas in the Czech Republic

In the streets smell roasted chestnuts and sweet will excite your senses and your hands will be warm with a glass of mulled wine. Tasting delicacies and you may end up in the opera. Christmas in the Czech Republic is one of the most beautiful seasons and have to live with all your soul.

The menu of Christmas Eve

The Christmas Eve (24 December) is celebrated with a one-day fast (anyone who fasts will see a small golden piggy evening that will bring good fortune). The evening dinner is served - fish soup and fried carp with potato salad. After dinner, gather around the decorated Christmas tree, where are the gifts according to the Czech tradition, brought the Holy Child.

Baking Christmas sweets is one of the most loved and popular traditions of the Czech Republic. These cakes can be found in every store, but the Czechs prefer homemade. Even the children help in the process. The most famous Christmas cakes are vanilla rolls, bread with sugar and almonds, Linzer cookies and gingerbread, which is covered with icing.

Undoubtedly Christmas in the Czech Republic is one of the most beautiful seasons. Lighted streets, the pleasant atmosphere of the Christmas markets, festive decorations and carols everywhere. The old traditions alive not only in outdoor museums and homes.

The markets in Prague at Christmas time are among the most beautiful in Europe. Opened on 28 November and close on January 1. They are at the Square of Old Town Square Wenceslas. In these markets will meet Czech traditions, listen to festive music and enjoy meeting Czech treats me this way all your senses. You will find here Christmas ornaments, figurines of dry corn, thatched ornaments kekakia with ginger coated with sugar, candles, Guy, wreaths and more things. After the markets need to relax for a hot drink. Warm up with mulled wine, try roasted chestnuts, corn, cooked sausages and other delicacies. Under the lighted tree in the Old Town Square you will admire the manger, while the stage show choirs and dance groups from all corners of the Czech Republic.

For purchases will go to the most famous shopping street, Parizska, where you'll find luxury goods. This road leads to Old Town Square. Near Parizska is the triangle formed by three streets - Dusni, Dlouha and V Kolkovne - and deserves your attention.

The tradition of building wells in the Czech Republic dates to the 16th century. The raw material can be various materials such as wood, paper, straw and gingerbread. We can see with your own eyes how the tradition remains alive. The Museum of Charles Bridge in Prague ( produces the greatest manger of straw around the world. The presentation begins on December 1 and lasts until February 10.

Museum mangers can visit the Trebechovice pod Orebem ( Prize exhibit is the museum's engineering manger, which is over 100 years. After the tour, do not forget to visit the museum shop where you can find plenty of exhibits and memorabilia and wooden toys. In your search for unique mangers should go to the Museum of Jindrichuv Hradec ( hosting the Kryza Creche, the world's largest engineering manger.

Saint Nicola

While for adults the Christmas period is like any other time of year, the children eagerly count the days of the Nativity in the calendar. The agonizing wait for Christmas gifts is easier with the arrival of St. Nicholas, who visits each child in the country on the eve of the celebration on 5 December.

The Saint is usually accompanied by an angel and a demon. It can scare little kids but the mission is to give them small gifts, fruit and sweets. Today, you can see the delivery of gifts in conjunction with the lighting of the Christmas tree and carols for example in Karlovo square Trebic (


Best Gifts & places

Original Gifts

The inspiration and some original ideas for gifts is widespread in the Czech Republic. The biggest Christmas exhibition in Prague ( is located in Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square and is open from December 1, 2007 until January 1. In the stalls you can buy Christmas decorations, traditional dolls, straw decorations, ginger biscuits, candles, warm hats and gloves ... Even if you can not select a gift, surely you can not resist the free drink.

The hot punch, aromatic mead, roasted chestnuts, corn, sweet bread of Bohemia 'trdlo' and grilled sausages offer relief from the madness of Christmas. Under the lighted Christmas tree in Old Town Square, you will find a manger with real animals (a donkey, goats, sheep), which draws the attention of most children. Every year Christmas concerts, special performances and carol. Smaller Christmas markets you can find the square Miru (Peace Square), Republiky, in Holesovice and Kampa. You can replace the Christmas markets with purchases of clothes and the luxury of international fashion brands, you will discover the boutiques of the most famous shopping streets of Prague - Na Prikopech and Parizska.

What to see ...

Karlovy Vary - one of the most famous spas worldwide was founded in the 14th century by the Czech King Charles IV. The hot springs used for drinking, baths and treatments. International Film Festival held every year, and tours of the glassworks Moser and Museum Jan Becher, is dedicated to the liqueur Becherovka, is very popular.

Marianske Lazne - a resort with hundreds of mineral springs. The city's architecture is characterized by rows of columns and covered walkway.

Frantiskovy Lazne - a spa that took its name from the Austrian emperor Frantisek I with many traditional, classic buildings.

Loket - a town with a Gothic castle, Renaissance accept changes and is perched on a rock in the river Ohre. Here you can see exhibitions of glass, pottery and bookbinding. The underground cells hosting a multimedia exhibition on medieval instruments of torture.

Palace Kynzvart - representative of the classic home of the famous Austrian politician and Chancellor KVMetternich. There he hosted a number of strange things with 4000 exhibits from around the world. The palace is surrounded by English style park.


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