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Christmas shopping made easier

Updated on November 30, 2010

Christmas shopping

Christmas shopping made easier

Let's face it, men aren't very good at taking subtle hints. Men aren't even very good at taking blatant hints. In fact if you flat out tell a man what gift you want, there is a good chance he won't remember. Sure we can remember our all-time favorite baseball player's career batting average (Billy Williams .290) or the starting line up of our favorite college basketball team from 10 years ago, but remember what our significant other wants for Christmas? Probably not. It's not that we don't care, our brains just don't function in that manner.

A few years ago my wife came up with a GREAT idea that makes shopping easier for both of us. It's really a pretty simple idea and relatively easy to do. All you have to do is go to Amazon and make up a wish list. Okay, so it is a little more in depth than that, but not much.

The first thing that you obviously must do, is make up a wish list at Amazon. It is important that you keep the list up to date. If you keep the list up to date, it could also be used for birthdays, anniversaries and Valentine's gifts. I know guys, it may sound like a pain in the neck to keep it current, but really it only takes a few minutes. Just make sure a month or so before Christmas or whatever event is coming up, to add anything to the list that you want. Then right after the event, delete anything that you have received.

It is VERY important that you do not go out and buy something on your wish list just before a gift giving event. I know it is tough to resist. If I need something, I like to go out and get it myself, but if an event is coming up, we should wait. Who knows, if we don't get what was on our list maybe we will get a gift card and then we can go get what we wanted.

I know I may sound like I am promoting Amazon and buying online but I am not really. There is a great feature on the wish list that allows you to post a comment beside your gift. My wife has listed places where I can go to buy the gift in our home town. Of course it is much easier to buy online, but if I want to save shipping costs, I have the option of going to a store and buying it there.

I hope this advice helps you with your gift shopping. Good luck and good shopping!


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    • profile image

      Jonathan Eli 7 years ago

      Bruce, Sounds like a great idea; be sure and add The Last Cabbandeum for your Kindle. Gotta read some good Sci/Fi for the holiday season.

    • profile image

      Jan Adams 7 years ago

      Great ideas! Dan and I just don't buy anything for each other and haven't for many years. We buy cards for each other and that is all. We already have what we need and if we don't, we go buy it. We say that everyday is Christmas, Valentines Day, birthday's and anniversary. We do go out to dinner sometimes but our love and appreciation of each other is all we need. :)