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Christmas tree decoration ideas

Updated on March 19, 2011

Christmas season is absolutely the best time of the year and is a lot of fun all around for everyone in the family. Decorating your house  and your Christmas tree is a huge part of the celebration and is a lot of fun. People use a variety of ornaments and things for decoration including various colored lights, crafted stars, Christmas tree real or artificial, with other cool and fancy ornaments.The most important part of Christmas celebration is the Christmas tree decorations.

Well.. you have bought your perfect Christmas tree. Now what? It could be a real Christmas tree or an Aritificial Christmas could be prelit or no-lit. The fun starts now... you need to set up your beautiful tree to make it absolutely gorgeous, you need to hang on beautiful glittery lighting, you need to keep it fresh, and involve the whole family in decorating your Christmas tree as it symbolizes a lot of beautiful things. This hub mainly talks about a variety of Christmas tree decoration ideas that you can involve your kids and make them part of the process.

Christmas tree decoration
Christmas tree decoration

More Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

Below are various Christmas tree decorating ideas for kids. Involve the young children in all these decorating activities and let them show their creativity. It will be a lot of fun for you and the children and do not forget to video tape these fun activities.

1. Pictures from Greeting Card: Here is a nice Christmas tree decorating idea. Gather Christmas greeting cards and cut the interesting images that you like from these greeting cards. Paint the back of the cut pieces with images with your favorite color using a marker and hang it on the Christmas tree.

2. Popcorn Christmas Tree: One of the inexpensive Christmas tree decoration ideas is the popcorn Christmas tree. Whether you want to decorate a real Christmas tree or an artificial Christmas tree, garlands of popcorn looks great on the trees. You can get creative with popcorn and shape them into sphere shaped balls and hang them on the various branches of your artificial Christmas tree. Pop some corn in the microwave and involve the kids in this activity and encourage them to eat the popcorn during this decoration process and they will love what they achieve.

3. Cookies decoration: Bake your favorite cookies and decorate the cookies with icing. Make a hole in the centre of the cookie while baking so you can hang it from the tree.

4. Ribbons and Lace: One of the easiest Christmas tree decorating ideas is to make bows out of scraps of ribbon available in various colors and tie them to the branches of the Christmas tree.

christmas tree ornaments
christmas tree ornaments

How to make home-made Christmas star with your kid?

An easy home-made Christmas tree decoration idea is the Christmas star. Work with your kid to make this simple and effective Christmas star and your kid will be happy to see his or her work displayed on the Christmas tree.

Christmas star  can be made using just a wrapping paper, cardboard, glue, some glitter and a strong string. Just let your kid draw a star on a piece of cardboard. Cut the star out carefully using a pair of scissors. Then punch a small hole on the top of the star. Wrap the cardboard star with a color glittery wrapping paper. Apply some glue on the star and spread some glitter over it. Attach a string to the star using the hole on the top and hurray... the beautiful home-made Christmas star is ready.

Other Christmas tree decoration ideas:

  • Glass Christmas ornaments are a great choice for Christmas tree decorations as they  look elegant and beautiful.
  • Christmas candles can also be used as Christmas tree decorations.
  • Illuminate your Christmas trees with plenty of Christmas lights
  • Flowers are great and pleasant - a great way to decorate your Christmas tree.


Don't forget to keep your camera and camcorder ready to capture some memorable moments.

Involve your kids as much as possible in Chrismas tree decorations, they will have a lot of fun and so will you.


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