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Christmas Bubble Lights

Updated on February 28, 2018

Bubble Light Fun

When it comes to Christmas lights, or probably any light for that matter, bubble lights are by far my favorite light, and children everywhere, as well as adults, never seem to tire of these fascinating lights which are so fun to watch and observe.

Bubble lights are of course famous for bubbling while on the Christmas tree, and including them on your tree and in other areas of your house via bubble light plug-ins guarantees a wonderful experience for all those visiting your home.

Not only are bubble lights on strings only, as mentioned, but you can now also buy them as plug-ins, which can be placed anywhere in your house with an outlet; which when other Christmas decorations may be strategically placed near them, will create a compelling decorative scene everyone will thoroughly enjoy.

If you've heard that bubble lights are a lot of problem, it's really not true. What usually happens is the lights don't all start to bubble right away, and in some cases, they refuse to bubble. Many people think they're worn out or broken, but all you have to do is unscrew them from the socket and shake them. Do that and they'll start to bubble almost immediately. I've never had that fail with my bubble lights.

Themed Bubble Lights

Another great addition to bubble lights is they now come in a variety of themes based on many cartoon characters we've grown to love through the years. I've included some below to give you an idea on what's available.

These are probably more fun than even regular bubble lights, and I'm always looking out for these when searching for these gems for my own Christmas bubble light collection.

Clear Bubble Light Bulbs

While this photo really doesn't do them justice, these clear bubble light bulbs (which happen to be replacement bubble lights in this case), are in reality very nice looking on a tree or other place you want to place the lights. The light within gives them a great look and color. These are only for use indoors.

Clear Bubble Light Bulbs

Multi-color Bubble Lights on Green String

The bubble lights below are among those used the most by the majority of consumers, and there's a good reason - they look great! I have a bunch of these and I never tire of them on the Christmas tree or anywhere else I choose to place them.

Multi-color Bubble Lights

Mickey Mouse Bubble Night Lights

These fantastic night lights feature Mickey standing on top of the lighted bubbler in his infamous pose, or more likely, famous pose. This is a fantastic choice for Mickey or Disney fans.

Mickey Mouse Bubble Lights

Bubble Light Tree

I thought we could take a break for a moment and look at this fantastic bubble light tree from 1949. In those times trees could come made up like this right out of the box, and there wasn't anything else to do but plug it in and let it warm up to enjoy.

Great looking bubble light tree from the era.

Bubble Light Tree from 1949

Grinch Bubble Light Night Light

The rest of the bubble lights I'm going to show are going to be night lights, as they actually have the most interesting characters to work with, and are great for strategic placement around the house.

I've actually had much less problems with these types of lights than string bubble lights, as far as having to work a little more with them to get them bubbling. Remember, it's the heat that generates the bubbles, and if something has settled on the bottom throughout the years, even if it's not visible to the eye, that's usually what keeps the heat from getting the bubbles to start. That's why you have to shake them to clear everything out.

Anyway, for whatever reason, that doesn't seem to be the case with these plug-in bubble lights, and maybe it's because they're closer to the source and power up easier. Either way, I really like them most for their unique characters than any other reason.

Below is one of the Grinch, and if you're a Dr. Seuss or Grinch fan, you'll really enjoy this as a Christmas bubble light night light.

Night Light Bubble Light of the Grinch

Bubble Light with Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the Pooh fans will love this bubble light, which features the famous bear who loves honey so much. Definitely a great addition to any Christmas decorations theme. Of course he's carrying a jug of honey with him with this bubble light.

Winnie the Pooh Bubble Light

Nice Set of Bear and Snowman Bubble Lights

These are a great bubble light pair, and for the price, a great bargain for those wanting to start their own bubble light night light collection, or for those who are always looking to add onto it. I particularly like the bear in this one.

Bubble Night Lights of Angel

A lot of people prefer to use a similar theme throughout their homes when putting up their Christmas decorations, and for that reason a number of companies offer packs of bubble lights with the same figure, as in the case of this angel bubble light.

We'll look at several of these in the next few photos to let you see some of what is out there. It really makes sense for themed decorations, and as you can see from these high-quality angel bubble lights, they would look great at different locations throughout the house.

Angel Bubble Night Lights

Christmas Mickey and Friends Night Light Bubble Light

What can get better for a Disney and Mickey Mouse fan than this bubble light night light? Along with Mickey you get Minnie & Goofy, and the three stand out nicely on the bubble light.

These clear, silver bubble lights really look great wherever you place them.

Mickey Mouse and Friends Christmas Bubble Light

Bubble Light Night Lights with Iron Man and Silver Surfer

In this set of 12 there are six each of these characters. If you are a fan, or have a child or man in your life that really enjoys these characters, it would be a good idea to get them these, as they are going very fast, as you can tell from the low cost for the dozen lights.

I can tell you as a fan that these are very nice looking pieces, especially the Silver Surfer, who is obviously riding the silver surfboard.

Silver Surfer and Iron Man Bubble Light Set

Wolverine and Hulk Bubble Light

Here's another great night light set from Marvel, featuring this time around Wolverine and Hulk. I really like that Wolverine figure, and it would go great with the two other Marvel characters above. Nice bubble light set. Again, there are six each in the set of the characters shown.

What they need to do next is include more characters in the groupings of a dozen in order to provide a variety that can be placed all around the home.

Bubble night light with Wolverine and Hulk

Really Cool Bubble String Lights and Night Lights

Oops. I started to realize I was getting carried away with all these bubble lights, as when I get into something I really enjoy I tend to go on and on about them and find as many as I can to show you.

As you can see here though, this is a great way to not only collect a fun product, but more importantly, to enjoy them during the Christmas holiday season. Bubble lights are definitely at the top of my list for fantastic Christmas decorations, and for me it isn't a real Christmas without them.

Every year there are an increasing number of options offered for Christmas bubble lights, so it's worth taking a little time to do a little extra research to see if there is something out there you just can't live without.


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    • profile image

      Susie Hannan 5 years ago

      Where can I find the clear bubble lights like the ones in the first picture with no glitter, just plain clear crystal bubble lights?


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