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How to Save Money for Christmas Gif

Updated on February 26, 2013

Christmas Gifts How to Save Money!

There are ways to shop for Christmas without having your credit cards soar into the next year with the interest accumulating every month. Buying Christmas gifts for family and friends all within thirty days can make credit cards soar in total, and sometimes take another year to pay off.

If you buy throughout the year one gift per month, you can save a year of interest on your credit cards and be debt free.


1. Each month buy one gift that you feel would delight a family member or friend as their main gift. Check for sales, look at sales flyers and use coupons for your present list. Periodically you can find a sale in January, themed perhaps a White Sale that would make a great gift for a family member for Christmas.

2. Save your change, you’d be surprised how much money you can save per year by saving your change in coins. Get a nice fun container for the entire family to empty their coins in, from their clothes or purses. You can also pick a series in dollar bill numbers and save them in another container. Dollar bills add up fast, and can become a family game to see how many series D per say you each find.

3. Homemade gifts might make you feel bad because it isn’t a store bought item, but many of us have skills or crafts to make gifts that the receiver will keep affectionately for years.

4. Choose non-expensive but useful gifts. Walk by the golden toothpick holder for $90.00 that will eventually become a re-gift to someone else, and choose an appropriate gift the receiver can use.

5. Re-gifting seems cheeky to do, but if you have a brand new item that you will never use and it’s in the original packaging, why not give it to someone who really can use it?

6. Handwritten cookbooks, is a very endearing thing to receive and can be passed down in generations to come. Choose a well made blank book with a stable attractive cover, and write your recipes down that come from you or a family member.

7. Gift cards are another option for the hard to buy person, and most any store sells them. If you have three on your list that rack your brains out to buy for, choose a gift card from a store they shop at frequently.Stores like WalMart, Best Buy, Barnes and Nobles, Target, and many more sell gift cards.

8. Make a video of events throughout the year for a family member, add music and you have a wonderful gift to share with all; in fact it could become a yearly tradition for your family.

9. If you have a family member that collects older music albums, take the album and buy a converter that makes an album into a CD. That way they have a saved copy that they can share, or listen to in the car.

10. Baking gifts can be a very cheap way out, and if you have a recipe that your friends or family love, bake it, and decorate it with a pretty ribbon or box, and you have saved yourself many dollars. You will find out doing that once or twice the family will expect that special cookie or cake as a family tradition dessert.

11. Love letters are cherished forever. Find a free web hosting site online with a pretty background, and write the love letters you and your love have sent to each other on the site. Affectionately give them the link and password. This is great for anyone who has been in the service to reminisce where they were stationed as well.

Remember sharing Christmas is an affectionate way to say this is just for you! It isn't the monetary value, it’s the personalization and memories that can be looked back on for years.

Copyright/All Rights Reserved B. A. Williams


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