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Christmas Tree Costume Ideas and Inspiration

Updated on July 1, 2014

Fun Christmas Tree Costumes

The Christmas Tree has had a long tradition over the centuries, with the modern day idea and concept of using a tree during the Christmas season being traced back to Germany; as far as making it a popular and accepted tradition.

It is steeped in Protestant tradition, although most Catholics embrace the Christmas tree as well now.

As for the Christmas tree itself, it has become a prop for all sorts of diverse decorations, making it a wonderful choice for using as a costume for all to enjoy.

Some of those people who are creative decide to go with a homemade costume, which in some cases can be based upon a pattern, while in others it's centered on what the person creating it envisions themselves to look like in it.

Since almost everyone likes Christmas trees, they are made for toddlers to wear to adults. Even the family dog can get a tree costume if the family wants to enjoy that as part of the festivities.

Christmas tree costumes can be made to look realistic, or for others, it's a green dress with some garland and bulbs strategically placed around it. In other words, it can even be a cute dress to go out in.

However you want to do it, there's a Christmas tree costume for everyone, and they're a great way to celebrate the holiday and delight family and friends.

Christmas Tree Costume Made at Home

We'll start off with a couple of homemade Christmas tree costumes to give you some ideas on how you could go about making one yourself.

With this first one, it's obviously made for young ladies, as the dress is substituting for the shape of the tree, making it easier to work with, as all you have to think of from there are ways to decorate this pretty "tree."

Garland is always a great choice for Christmas tree costumes in general, and homemade Christmas tree costumes specifically. It's been a part of Christmas tree decorations for a long time, and looks fantastic as part of the costume. Everything pretty much plays off of the garland encircling the costume tree, as you can see below.

From there you can simply add those nice stars, which could be made or you could use stars used to decorate Christmas gifts that are packaged.

The packages hanging off of the tree dress on the bottom are a nice touch, as are the traditionally red boots. I also like the Christmas tree hat as a nice tree topper. Overall a very nice homemade Christmas tree costume.

Pretty Homemade Christmas Tree Costume


Christmas Tree Costume with Presents on Feet

With this Christmas tree costume, which is similar to the one above as far as to how it looks and fits, we have the additional element of presents on the feet. This is a very creative way of displaying and showing the presents under the tree, which in this case never leave as long as you're walking around with them on your feet.

It's a simple but very effective tree design, which goes for the traditional red and green colors of Christmas, along with the pretty silver garland.

It all looks great, but my favorite part of this costume, which isn't real obvious when casually glancing at it, is the pair of striped stockings. They provide the sense of a candy cane.

Tree and Presents Costume


Christmas Tree Costume with Star on Top

I really like the design of this Christmas tree costume, which presents a nice, symmetrical look to the tree.

The inclusion of the dark green color makes it really stand out nicely, as does the treetop star on the head.

Although the bulbs look nice, I think that's one area that could have been improved upon with the costume, where silver and other colors would had made it look a little more festive.

Even so, adding the red shirt and socks as a backdrop to the green tree makes this very cute, and any child or adult would enjoy wearing it.

Dark Green Christmas Tree Costume


Hooped Christmas Tree Costume

For those wanting to express themselves in a little bit of a different way with a Christmas tree costume, this hooped costume is a terrific option.

It includes a couple of different shades of green that blend nicely and show off the shape of the tree via the lighter lime green triangular-shaped design.

What makes this costume unique though is the hoop on the bottom which gives the costume its unique look.

Also interesting is the way the bottom of the costume narrows down from the hoop. It leaves reality there as to how a tree would look, although it may be a nod towards the bottom of the tree, albeit it would be a big part of the tree. And about those feet, I'm not sure what those are all about, but it looks pretty cool.

Overall, this is the type of costume that would be a big surprise, although hopefully there will be enough room for the person wearing it to navigate around in.

But if not, it makes a great conversation piece and opportunity to get a photo of a Christmas surprise everyone will be sure to remember.

Round, Green Christmas Tree Costume


Green Christmas Tree Costume with Gold Garland

Christmas Tree Costume
Christmas Tree Costume | Source

Christmas Tree and Candy Cane Costumes

Here is a delightful pair of Christmas costumes that go very well together.

For the tree costume, the dark green really looks terrific with the gold garland used as a trim. The few ornaments placed strategically around the tree really work well to me. They make it so the tree isn't too boring, but don't add too much, which would have overstated the look of the tree.

What is nice about this Christmas tree costume is the top of the tree, which is worn as a hat, and then the star treetop placed on top of that. That would have looked better if it was straighter on the head here, but these are a couple of young ladies, and they obviously were more interesting in getting the photo completed than making sure everything was in its right place.

The only down side here concerning the tree costume was the wearing of the white socks and shoes. They should have been green or red in color, or at least a dark color that wouldn't have clashed with the rest of the costume.

Even so, you can see it's great choice for a Christmas tree costume, and would be a hit at any Christmas gathering.

Christmas Tree Costume Cut Out

Next we have a unique Christmas tree costume which is made from a cut out, although you can see how easy it would be to do this on your own with the right materials.

You would have to work a little extra harder, as you would have to get materials large enough to cut out a tree figure big enough for an adult, or may have to use a couple of different pieces to complete the look for the back and front of the costume.

Finally, there is the part that fits around the body, as seen by the sides, in order to give the tree costume a full and more realistic appearance.

That's the hard part, as you can see from the photo. From there it's a matter of a little creativity and imagination to decorate the flat front and back of the tree. That's where the real fun would come in, and just like a 3-dimensional Christmas tree, you can make it look however you like it.

Also very cute, and "topping" off the tree is the star made to fit around the head. Nice job.

Cut Out Christmas Tree Costume


Christmas Costumes

There are a surprising number of options for Christmas tree costumes beyond the usual Santa and Mrs. Claus costumes. Among them are Santa's elves, Frosty the Snowman, reindeer, Rudolph, among a number of others.

Dressing up as a Christmas tree is another of those Christmas costume options, and as the photos show, it is a good one, one that provides a lot of fun and humor to the festivities of the season, and provide a chance to show something off a little different than most of us are used to seeing.

And whether a homemade Christmas tree costume or one that is bought, it will definitely help everyone celebrate the holiday season, helping to create an atmosphere that all are sure to remember for years into the future.


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