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Christmases Past

Updated on January 4, 2016
Christmas is more than bright lights, wrapping paper, pretty bows or fancy yard decorations; Christmas is powerful and full of magic but the power of love in our hearts for others is even more magical.
Christmas is more than bright lights, wrapping paper, pretty bows or fancy yard decorations; Christmas is powerful and full of magic but the power of love in our hearts for others is even more magical. | Source

Christmases Past

Christmas has many different meanings to many different people, but Christmas has always been my favorite time of the year. Growing up in a house with three siblings allowed for many great moments. The time we spent with each other, sharing in the times at play and those at rest, contain some of the best memories of my childhood. When I think of some of my most treasured moments, I am quickly reminded of the impressions of so many great Christmases past. The moments filled with the season of faith, joy and love. The decorating of the family Christmas tree, celebrating our Lord's birth, writing letters to Santa asking for special gifts I desired, baking cookies with my mom and grandmother as pleasant aromas of vanilla filled our small home and hand making gifts to give to family and friends.

Christmas is a special time for family, friends and those you love. A special time for families to gather together and create memories that will last a lifetime. In recalling past Christmases, there are three very special words that come to mind: faith, hope and love. The faith is about enjoying the time you have on this Earth, and celebrating the birth of Christ. The hope of a better tomorrow. The love for family and friendship. Feeling full of happiness and being thankful for what we have.

My family held our religious beliefs sacred. At the time, I didn’t fully understand or appreciate the significance of our faith, togetherness and family. I now appreciate what Christmas meant then and what it means in the present day. I spent my youth filled with the excitement of Santa, gifts, our stockings that hung by the chimney and a hearty dinner topped off with my mom’s homemade stuffing and pumpkin pie, but Christmas carried an even more important message.

Many days have passed by but the emotions I felt are still attached to this special time of year. The hope for a new tomorrow and a sense of traditions are spirituality rooted in my soul. My soul now has a full understanding of what Christmas means and the importance of family and spending time together.

Christmas is more than bright lights, pretty wrapping paper, pretty bows or fancy yard decorations. Its time to forgive those who have hurt us, make peace with ourselves and others and it's a time for each of us to renew our relationship with our Lord and Savior. Christmas is powerful and full of magic. The ability to love, have faith, be inspired, feel peace and have hope is the greatest of gifts of life that anyone can give or receive. Its a feeling each of us must experience on our own.

Many people may never fully understand the true meaning of Christmas, but the best gift anyone can give or receive are those given from the heart, not one’s that are wrapped with beautiful and colorful paper and bows.


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