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Christy Kang's 70s & 80s Party - Week 1

Updated on June 1, 2011
The reason why I wanted to become an event planner in the first place is the fact that I truly enjoy gatherings and celebrating with people. I simply realized at some point in my life that I find joys in planning such events and making it happen more so than attending as a guest. As a person who has attended all sorts of events for many years, I may be the best critique of my self for I am able to see it in the perspectives of guests and clients. Knowing my advantage, I asked my self before anything, "who are my targeted guests and what do my clients want?". From the ranges of age of guests, the size of the party to the atmosphere of the party-i.e. casual social gathering or dance party-everything matters. In the end, my goal is to plan an event that fulfills and satisfies my client's request. I haven't had a chance to ask Ms. Brown about the clients yet... and I'm wondering if my events, 70s and 80s party, are part of the internship programs which interns are allowed to be creative on their own or actually have clients that requested these specific themes of events. I have been searching for the bands that will perform at these parties, and looked at the ones that were recommended by Ms. Brown. Bands play huge roles at events like these as a main entertainment, and this forced me to start from scratch. What kind of party will this be? What kind of music does this band play? Should I request specific genres of songs for the band to play at this event? Is that possible? I would like to talk to my client, if there is one, before I go head to make any decisions that will significantly affect the outcome of these events. Whether there is a client or not, I will know my place and where to start from there once I find out from Ms. Brown.
    Although I have an experience of organizing a cultural event at Brandeis, I feel as though I am starting from scratch because these events require different skills and perspectives. While K-Nite, a cultural show that highlights Korean culture through various forms of performing arts, is more of a performance that guests enjoy simply by observing what we have prepared, it's the process that counts for my 70s and 80s parties where guests are meant to mingle and be the party. I've had a late start due to my personal issues, and I am eager to explore this new kind of event planning. I am at the point where I'm still researching and speculating but, by next week, I will be able to talk about specific progress in the events.


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