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Classic Gifts from Amazon

Updated on November 3, 2014

Men are almost never shopping apart from when it comes to basics and electronics. For men it is a waste of time to visit several stores to look for something so particular. Well, guess what? With our online environment, I do not see why men need to visit stores to find the perfect gift for his lady. Why not visit

There are so many occasions when a man has to gift his lady. for example, her birthday, your Wedding Anniversary, Valentine's day, Christmas. Yet again, every man has a different sized wallet, but this does not mean you won't find any gift.

There are a range of gifts that you can give to your special lady to let her know how you feel about her.


Jewellery comes in all sorts of classifications, the main ones being necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, brooches and pins, jewellery sets and pendants.

Jewellery can be given to any lady. Be it your mother, wife, daughter or any other lady who is special to you. If you have a big budget you can go for real stones, gold, or silver. Again if you have an even bigger budget then you can go for an entire jewellery set, which includes earrings, necklace, pendant and maybe even a ring. You can also buy either one of those items or a combination.

If you know her favourite colour then you will probably be able to shortlist for easier selection. If you don't then you can go by birth stones and birth colours.

When going for something original i.e. not imitation, then the bigger the size the more expensive the gift. Although, if your wallet can't afford you original items, don't worry, imitations these days are quite impressive and the range is even more vast.

Jewellery as any men as old as your grandfather knows, is a lady's best friend, so don't worry go ahead and try give that someone some bling.


Clothing for women can be classified into thousands of names, most of which you might not have heard of. So, let me state the basic classifications namely dresses, jackets, coats, jeans, shorts, t-shirts, trousers, blouses & shirts, hoodies, jumpsuits, leggings, skirts etc.

The only thing about gifting clothes is that you have to know the person well enough to know their clothing tastes. Ladies are very particular about the way that they dress. Every woman's choice differs and sometimes to an extent that shopping can become a hassle. To avoid any embarrassing back biting about your taste in clothes, I suggest you shouldn't buy clothes for someone you don't know well enough.

However, there is one alternative to this problem. You shop with her on the online stores.


Shoes are never ever enough for a woman. She needs all of them, the casual flats, the stilettos, the pumps for the office, sports shoes, converse shoes, beaded slippers, high heels and so many more. You think it ends there? She will want every other colour she can find and every other fabric. A woman's demand for shoes is never ending.

Just like clothes, women are very particular about shoes and it is very pointless in buying her shoes when she has no matching clothes. Either you buy her matching clothes or try finding out whats her wardrobe made up of and what might be missing. For a husband or boyfriend, maybe her whining will give you ideas.

Then again, just shop with her.


In the modern world, technology is changing so fast, I do not think there is ever a time you will not find something new to buy for someone. Be it a professional person or just a gamer chick, you have unlimited items to choose from. With an average budget you will surely find her something from phones to laptops to games to cameras. Go have a look at the range of items that is offering, you will not need to leave your sofa.


Is she a book worm? Well you don't have to buy so many novels for her. Why not get her a Kindle? It is easy for her to carry around, thinner than a novel with access to thousands of novels. And why not add her with the Kindle unlimited package? Not only does it have books but also audio books.

Believe me, she will never get over this gift. She can read anywhere, anytime. without actually visiting a library or a bookstore. Time saved for her, Money saved for you.


From as old as lipstick to as new as gel nail polish, a woman needs it all. Get a branded item for her, a lipstick, lip gloss, mascara, eye liner or a colour palette or even a fragrance.

If it s hard to choose from all the make up items that confuse you, just stick to basic nail polish. Get her a set of 12 or maybe 24 colours. This is a really satisfying gift for someone who loves painting their nails.


Unlike traditional ladies, modern women can drink as much as any man. A bottle of wine or champagne can be shared as a toast to any celebration. Or she is a party freak? Well, not a problem, get her a miniature gift set, for vodka or whisky.

Some alcohol actually comes in a gift box with chocolates already packed with them. How convenient for you. Neither do you have to wrap it nor do you have to add chocolates. Almost perfect.

Get an customised engraved glass along with the alcohol and you have a perfect gift.

Gift Card

Now here is the ultimate solution for the most clueless guy in town as well as the one who just can't find time. Gift Cards. Although this shows the amount being spent, it avoids any embarrassing back biting of tastes.

These are available at online stores and at outlets.

This can also be the best option for a last minute gift, especially online printable gift cards from

These are just few of the items you can gift to your special lady. There is more such as gifting holidays, Do It Yourself for men, Spa treatments and much more.


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      Urvee 3 years ago

      Good article, now to direct every man on the planet to this website haha