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Buying Clearance Christmas Decor

Updated on December 1, 2012

Every year, the day after Christmas, stores begin putting their clearance Christmas decor on shelves. Stores usually have an overwhelming amount of clearance Christmas decor to get rid of. They would much rather sell it at low prices than store it for another year. If you are looking for great deals for future Christmas holidays, then this is a good time for you to shop. There are a few things to keep in mind however when it comes to clearance Christmas decor. Use this as a guide when shopping for these inexpensive items.

Stores will usually begin their markdown between 30% and 40% off of original prices. This is a good deal and many larger items will be sold during this phase. If there is an expensive item that you want very much, then you may want to go ahead and purchase it at this point in the markdown schedule.

About five days after the first markdown, stores will mark remaining items down to 50% to 60% off of original prices. This is a great time to purchase ornaments or other smaller items. The final markdown usually does not exceed 75% off or original prices. During this time, stores will usually still have a lot of outdoor and indoor lights, so you can stock up on these items during the final markdowns.

Most clearance Christmas decor is of perfect quality. These items are usually not damaged; they are simply items stores want to get rid of quickly. However, it is necessary that you look your items over carefully. This is because of several reasons. The first reason you should look your items over for damage is because a lot of stores do not offer returns on clearance merchandise and if they do, they are limited to around 30 days. It is likely you would not notice the damage until the next holiday, so if the item is pricey, you should check it out before buying.

The second reason to check for damage is because clearance items usually have been moved quite a bit. They are usually relocated to smaller areas as their aisles get sparse. People will have handles these items a lot, which can cause damage. So, be sure to look everything over well before purchasing anything.

Many consumers overspend on clearance Christmas decor simply because they can get it at a good price. If you are not sure where you will use a specific item, don't purchase it. It is unnecessary to buy items that you simply don't need. Even if you are getting a good deal, if you don't use the item, you have wasted your money.

Storage is always an issue for holiday decor. This is another reason to decide you should not overspend on clearance Christmas decor. If you can afford to rent a storage unit for your holiday decor, you certainly don't need to shop the clearance aisles. So, use your best judgment, and shop wisely.


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    • Your Cousins profile image

      Your Cousins 5 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      Great tips on clearance items. We usually try to pick up decorations on sale right after Christmas, but then forget we bought them the following year LOL.