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Clown Costumes

Updated on June 28, 2014

Halloween and Clown Costumes

Clown costumes and clown party themes are fascinating to me because the idea of the happy clown from long ago has gradually changed to being an expression of almost all areas of life, including the dark side, which in many cases the clown has gravitated more towards, as the evil clown has gained more notoriety.

This isn't to say all clowns and clown themes have went this route, just that they're no longer solely representative of the happy clowns from circuses and festivals we've known in the past.

That may trouble some people in general, but when it comes to Halloween, it offers up a wide number of clown designs and themes one can have a lot of fun with, and all of them work great for costuming.

One thing about clowns in contrast to other costumes, they have a relevance that goes on all year, as Halloween is just one small part of the overall role they play in entertainment. It's just that at Halloween we can all become a clown if we choose.

Classic, Traditional Clown Costumes

I thought we would start off looking at a couple of traditional clown costumes which are usually what we picture in our minds when we think of a clown.

These types of clown costumes work in just about every type of situation, and are great fun to wear and entertain others with.

Classic Clown Costume Photo

Traditional Clown Costume

Evil Clown Costume

Well, we talked about all clowns not being created the same, and this evil killer clown costume is a good illustration of that.

This is a great clown costume and will definitely set you apart from those at the party. It is designed really well, and the evil look really works. It would scare off anyone you wouldn't want hanging around you, that's for sure. Not recommended for a first date.

Halloween would easily be the time to wear this particular clown costume.

Kller Clown Costume

Women's Clown Costumes

A lot of women have been gravitating toward the clown business, and consequently also love to wear them as a Halloween costume as well.

These two clown costumes for women are a lot of fun, and both would be a very compelling Halloween costume. Both are unique, and each displays a unique aspect of what it's like to be a clown for fun.

Women's Clown Costume

Women's Clown Court Jester Costume

Black and White Harlequin Clown Costume

This is a great and different clown costume, and the black and white stripes and solids really work good together.

My favorite here is probably the hair and hat which go so good with the rest of the clown costume.

The alternating stripes and solids make this an awesome clown costume option.

Clown Costume and Party Fun

When you wear a clown costume, no matter what kind, it seems to say something to everyone else in the party, and carries a lot of mojo in whatever circumstance you're in.

Probably more than any other outfit, clown costumes have been around longer than any other costume out there. They will continue to be popular for years into the future, as they seem to hold a type of magic that never grows old.

They are also part of many other festivities like local festivals and show up regularly at birthday parties. That means a clown costume could be used throughout the entire year.


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