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Coca Cola Invented Santa Claus?

Updated on November 28, 2010

Santa Claus, Papa Noel, Saint Nicolas, or whatever you prefer to call him, the fat old man with the white long beard, who is always looking at you which is kind of pervert, and it you are no good you will get a piece of carbon instead that cool AK47 assault rifle you asked him for Christmas. It's a common myth that this character was invented by coca-cola corporative minds, Anyways I've been doing some research to see if this myth was in fact real, here I present the results.

It turns out that he was already known in Europe, he was a fat character, a bishop who enjoyed to give gifts to the childrens.

Never the less, coca-cola was in fact the company to boost the image and personality of this character, by dressing him in red, adding a white beard and some good old grandpa personality, now this was back there in the 30's.

A standard image of santa claus appears in new york, with weight, height and colors despite the redundancy, standardized.

So it will be incorrect to tell that coca-cola invented santa claus, yet it boosted the image of santa claus in the subconscious of a consumer population, but the truth is that this concept already existed in other fields.

In 1804 the Historical Society (HS) was founded adopting as it saint, to santa claus as a provider of gifts.

In 1822 Christmas eve, Clement Clark Morre (New York) wrote a sort of verses titled "An Account of a visit from St. Nicholas" and later one called "It was the Night Before Christmas". 

And coca-cola just took this two images, combined them and standardized them. So the myth is false at all, coca-cola did not invented Santa Claus.


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    • profile image

      FISH 7 years ago

      Saint Nicholos is a generous and kind soul.

      To take away the influence of the birth of Jesus and replace it with gift giving by Saint Nicolos is more than likely a free masons theory. If it was Christian then we would be giving gifts at christmas in remembrance of Jesus Christ the Savior coming into the world. However we have Saint Nicholos instead of Jesus, and he's wearing nice clothes. But that's OK, I'm sure Jeus doesn't mind.

      It's like the easter bunny and Jesus resurection.

      I didn't know that there was a rabbit present at the resurection. Fortunately for all those kids who like chocolate, apparently there was.

      I wonder if the rabbit was the one who took the nails out of Jesus Christs' hands when they took him off the cross.

      I don't know but the rabbit could be a RABBI, and St Nicholos could be the closest thing they could think of to get people away from Jesus.

      Corinthians 2 :12.


      THE FISH

      Merry Christmas

      Peace be with you.