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Colonel Gaddafi Halloween Costume and Mask

Updated on October 22, 2011

Colonel Gaddafi Mask


Libyan Leader Costume

Do you want to dress up as Colonel Gaddafi this Halloween? If so you have come to the right place to find a Gaddafi costume.

Halloween is all about dressing up and finding the best costume. There are so many costumes to choose from but if you want to buy one that is a little different but hot, hot, hot then you need consider this Colonel Gaddafi costume. The costume is not that expensive as you only need to purchase a mask and maybe a gown and you can even wear it again at a themed party.

Gaddafi was a wanted man for a long time and now that he has been caught and killed I can imagine there been a massive rush to buy Gaddafi costumes. Therefore it is a great idea to buy your costume as soon as possible. This page will provide a Gaddafi mask and costume accessories so that you can be the Libyan leader and scare everyone on Halloween night.

Colonel Gaddafi Halloween Costume and Accessories

Colonel Gaddafi Costume

The Colonel Gaddafi Halloween costume is a hot seller this year 2011, due to the recent death of the Libyan leader.

This particular Halloween costume involves a mask with attached hair and fez. Currently it is being sold on Amazon (it may sell out soon though) for half RRP. You can also buy the mask on eBay so do not fear if it sells out. It bares a very realistic resemblance to Gaddafi himself and will look great at a Halloween ball or themed party. You can make this a cheap and scary Halloween costume by just buying the mask or you can add other accessories.

If I was adding accessories to this particular Halloween costume I would likely add a gown, possibly a brown or gold one like the one shown to the right. You can buy for under $20 and the best thing is that it can be recycled and used next year for other costumes such as shepperd and monks.

Gaddafi is well know for his weapons so why not accessorize your Halloween costume with a sword. There are a large range of swords available but I think the one on the right looks great.

Will you be dressing up as Gaddafi this Halloween

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