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How to make a book cover for Mother's Day

Updated on May 3, 2017
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Commercial Tools or Family Festivals?

Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day and Father's Day have all been turned into major shopping festivals by our retail oriented society. In fact, we may be told by our analysts that our economy rests upon these celebrations.

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So how do we take these holidays back for the family?

Gift giving is fine, in fact it is a beautiful part of tradition. The shops do their part in a way by providing ambiance and offering items that may be useful around these special days. The challenge is to make holidays and festivals special times for the family and not be ruled by the advertising and commercial pressures coming from the retail sector.


Focus on the spirit of the event.

Mother's day is a special day when children are to thank their mothers for all the care they have provided, and Father's day is the same for Fathers. These are times when families visit, check in with each other and focus upon the role of one family member. These holidays are simpler than Christmas and Easter and should counter the more lavish celebrations with their simplicity.

Ideas for Mother's Day and Father's Day.

1) Choose gifts that are suited to the recipient. Choose something that expresses who Mum or Dad are to you...something simple that they will like.

2) Choose gifts that are suited to the giver.The other parent may choose to give a gift on this day, and an item of clothing, household or garden item may be a suitable gift if it comes from an adult. However, children should give items that are within the range of their pocket money. Thus a handkerchief, pen or bar of soap is a beautiful and appropriate gift.

3) Children can make gifts and cards. Handmade gifts can be beautiful. For example: a decorated protective sleeve for mum or dad's diary or favourite hardcover book.

Step 1.
Step 1.

Instructions for making a Book Cover gift.

(young Children may require some assistance.)

You will need:

* A3 size white quality paper (most books will require more than A4 to cover),

* Scissors,

* ruler,

* Pencil,

Step 2.
Step 2.
Step 3.
Step 3.

* Paints, crayons, stickers, glue, miscellaneous decorating materials,

* Clear Contact

1) Measure the width and length of one side of a closed book.

2) Measure the length and width of the spine of the book.

Add the measurements of the spine to the measurements of the side of the book.

3) Add the the measurements of the side of the book once again on the other side of the spine space.

It is important to remmember that a book is actually larger closed than open, which is the reason why we did not open the book and measure strainght across.

Step 4.
Step 4.

 4) Add about 5 cm (2 inches) either side of the left and right edge.

This will fold over the edges of the book and tuck in, thus holding the decorative cover in place.

 5) The child can draw and decorate the paper cover as they please.

If they use glue or damp paint, be sure to let cover dry for 24 hours before going onto the next step.

Step 5.
Step 5.
Step 6.
Step 6.

6) Cover the decorated paper with clear plastic "contact".

Smooth it well and tuck it over the edges of the paper cover.

Step 7.
Step 7.

 7) Fold the decorated cover on the lines indicated and wrap it around the outside of the book. It may take some force to make folds with the plastic "contact" in place, but it should be possible.

 8) Slide the book into the sleeve you have created.

Other Gifts that Children could make:

  • A special picture may be drawn and cut out so that it forms the front of a card, or is placed into a frame.
  • A cardboard frame may be decorated to enclose a real photograph.
  • Bookmarks are also nice gifts that children can make.
  • A blank journal may be purchased and decorated as a gift for mum
  • A small box may be constructed out of cardboard and decorated for mum to put her trinkets into or Dad to keep his paper clips in.
  • Dad might enjoy a comic drawing,
  • A paper cover could be made and decorated to slide over and protect a book.
  • A special heart or flower shape may be made ready to hang somewhere in the room.
  • In this electronic age, children can use digital cameras to take photographs especially for their parent and load them onto the computer as a screensaver slide-show.
  • Children can use Paint or another drawing program to make a special desktop picture for the parent.

Other ideas on hubpages include free vintage cards for Mother's Day and ideas for Father's Day include free clip art.


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