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Compassion Towards Man and Nature in Christmas

Updated on December 5, 2011

When snow starts falling from the sky and night is longer than the daylight, we realize that Christmas is near. As Christmas starts getting closer and closer, our feelings of compassion towards our fellow man starts to ignite inside of our hearts and we get in the mood for helping others. This can be done in many ways, some donate money or used toys to shelter homes and other organizations that help sick and poor people, and some can offer their services as volunteers in many charity foundations such as the Salvation Army.

But those aren’t the only ways we can help people and show your compassions towards them at Christmas, these feelings can be showed in other ways. Instead of buying factory-made decorations and tree ornaments and gifts, you should help out a local artist or a craftsman by buying his hand made ornaments and decorations. You can also check online for hand-made gifts that usually contains many new and original gift ideas. Finally, you can go to your local crafts carnival or fair where you can find a lot of wonderful and one of kind handicrafts, gifts and decorations. Through this you will be helping a lot of hard working moms and dads who struggle to earn their money by making handmade crafts.

Besides showing your compassion towards your fellow man, you should also show your compassion towards Mother Nature and the environment around you. This can be done by buying earth friendly or recycled ornaments for your Christmas tree. A great example for that is the hand carved Tagua tree ornament which is very eco-friendly, because they are gathered from the ground of the rainforests in South America. Besides buying eco-friendly or recycled tree ornaments, you can also make your own.

Here are a few examples:

  • Grab a clean recycled piece of aluminum foil and paint it with various colored markers, then crush it with your hands and you will have a colorful material that you can shape it into various shapes such as spirals, stars, balls, etc.

Eco-friendly Mini Christmas Gift tags.
Eco-friendly Mini Christmas Gift tags. | Source
  • Get some of your old CD’s that you no longer use, and stick glitter all over it, then tie it with a ribbon on the back.

  • Cut some old pictures from previous Christmas parties or gathering with your friends and family, and glue those on top of a metal or a plastic jar lid, then you can use fabric to decorate the edges.

This way you show compassion to your fellow man and make him feel the true warmth of the Christmas spirit, and you also pay your debt to Mother Nature by buying or making your own eco-friendly decorations or gift ideas. Merry Eco-Christmas!!!



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    • moiragallaga profile imageAUTHOR

      Moira Garcia Gallaga 

      7 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal

      Thank you for your comment Derdriu. The global economic crisis has really been felt by almost everyone around the world, except for the very few at the very top of the economic food chain. Aside from the usual Christmas spirit, I get this added feeling that we are all in this situation right now. It only heightens the need to start looking out for each other and helping each other out. Big things start from little things so I thought simple gestures such as this is a step in the right direction.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Moira Gallaga: What a kind, lovely thought to share the compassionate love of Christmas by giving not only money and time charitably but also business locally to artists and craftspeople! In addition to such compassionate gifts as food to the local pantry and money to the rescue mission, there are the gifts which will be shared among family and friends. It is so heartwarming that you think of homemade and recycled cards and ornaments as well as presents from the little people as well as if not instead of the big businesses.

      Thank you for sharing, voted up, etc.,



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