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Your Complete Baby Shower Gifts Shopping Guide

Updated on December 12, 2015

What To Buy For A Baby Shower Gift

Shopping for the perfect baby shower gifts can be quite a task especially for those who do not have their own child yet. How in the world would you know what these moms to be would need if you have not been one yourself. And so in order to help you, here is a list of what most people get for their friends' baby showers.

Top 10 Baby Shower Gifts

1 Baby Clothes

2 Feeding Bottles

3 Bedding

4 Crib

5 Diaper Genie

6 Baby Bags

7 Toys

8 Books

9 Seats

10 Bath Kits

Simply choose from one or two of the following from this list and you can never go wrong. Or mix them all up in a goodie basket that all moms would love. You can also choose baby shower favors and gifts by considering the following categories.


These could be stuff for the nursery, inside the home and so on. It can be a crib, a high baby chair and so on. It can be both useful or simply a cute decoration for their room.


Think how difficult it is to move the baby around, from carrying all their stuff, milk formula etc. Anything that would help the mom go around is heaven sent.


Taking care of babies is costly. And so if you could help out by giving disposables like diapers, baby kits, baby wipes and so on, it would be very hard to say "no" to.


Although it might be too early to give them books, since the baby is not even born yet. Parents would appreciate the gesture that you bought them educational toys, music and books that could help them nurture their baby's knowledge early on. A simple toy with the alphabet or numbers should do the trick.


Fun stuff could be toys, cute accessories or anything to entertain your precious little one. It can also be matching clothes or hair accessories for the mother and child.

If they are expecting more than one baby, baby shower gifts for twins are also available. It can be a set of his and hers set, or matching clothes and accessories. If you are not sure which to give, simply buy one item and get them in two colors or two different designs and it's good to go.

Usually the focus in on the baby's arrival, but what about the mom? Baby shower gifts for mom to be are also just as popular. Clothes that replace their maternity dress after they gave birth would be an awesome treat for them. Although they have not shed off their pregnancy weight yet, they would surely welcome the idea that they would be slimming down pretty soon. You can also give them useful stuff like carryall bags, books, and stuff that they would need with a baby in tow.

Moms would love to receive anything that would make their motherhood enjoyable and easier. Simply match it to the mom's personality or if you want something more personal handmade baby shower gifts would also be great. Everyone loves baby accessories because they are so cute and small, just choose something useful and fun, the mom-to-be would surely love it.


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    • jorjaclare profile image

      jorjaclare 6 years ago from Wherever there is a beach

      Thanks Moon Willow. Those are good ideas too.

    • Moon Willow Lake profile image

      Moon Willow Lake 6 years ago

      These are all pretty good ideas. Another very useful item with bottles would be bottle brushes as they tend to wear out fast. We also had a bottle warmer (for in the house and even one that plugs into the cigarette lighter of a vehicle). The bottle warmer really came in handy as it heated the milk evenly. As far as clothes go, one can get "neutral" colors like purple, yellow, and green if uncertain of the baby's gender. Thanks JORJACLARE.