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Conflict resolution and Veteran's Day

Updated on April 17, 2014

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Conflicting Resolution

Interpretation is the main concern, during the cognitive development of a norm. Celebrating the Veteran's Day holiday is a forced traditional norm; the variables are sets of symbols. During college years, liberal freedoms and military duties inevitably collide. The liberal civilian hates the flag, while the military member salutes its glory.

America's influence on the chosen style of appreciating veterans is based on a heritage interpretation that reveals the explanation of experience in a culture. This is done from the first person perspective, concerning military materiel and psychological interpretation.

The heritage psychological interpretation may be explained by consisting of three objectives:

  • Producer: God; An eye catcher-- War/Military Member.
  • Text (msg.): Often overlooked (adjustable) for beneficial factors.
  • Receiver (Dependent): Usually develops a meaning; by participating in complex

social structures that create practices of comfortable comprehension.

In this country, Veteran appreciation often amounts to a day off and pay which can

become misplaced.

Cultural mediation. Developed by a Belarusian psychologist named Lew

Semyonovich Vygotsky (NOV 12, 1896-JUN 11, 1934), provides a similar

discussion. Vygotsky investigated child development and the subject: observing

mental functions. Pertaining to Vygotsky, habits of mind are affected: speech

patterns, written language, and other symbols of knowledge.

Internalization involves the understanding to the point of being kinesthetic in

knowledge of a subject. Some college students' one's self may not involve the

armed forces, even though their freedom definitely does. It has been

decided that the responsibility of appreciation is on the organizational society

which the student derives from and the society the student chooses to be in,

during his collegiate career.

The expression of internal beliefs is important. Thus, creates a need for appropriate

externalization, according to extroverts. This demand, for expression, may be fulfilled by

introducing thanks; propaganda and brainwashing are popular enforcers.

Past Solution Attempts, for appreciation:

  • · Compare survivor and dependent woes.
  • · Blame language and psychology for lack of comprehension.
  • · The solution is HR 950.




Solution for Veteran's Day Appreciation

Strive for correlation: “Opposite Day”:

1. Encourage productive events; produce military traditions instead of

convincing civilians of worth and importance.

2. New appreciation focuses on freedom; issue a duty day.

3. Allow for home study; complete online correspondence.

4. Focus on the reasons for current events concerning war (comments;


5. Focus on outgoing events, in order to encourage extrovert activity exercises


6. An allotment to purchase; arrange for a show-N-tell on college sponsored

VA site (colleges currently are receiving VA funds for VA programs): [get my own gift for Veteran’s Day].

7. Complete a mandatory survey of the Veteran's Day event.


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