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Cool Christmas Presents For Everyone On Your List

Updated on November 11, 2013

Looking For Cool Christmas Presents?

If you are looking for cool Christmas presents to give as gifts this year, you have reached the best spot to find one.

Christmas gifts that are considered cool are not your usual every day Christmas gift. Cool Christmas gifts are unusual and unique. They may be trendy items or electronic gadgets that do really neat stuff. That's what's cool about being cool. Everyone wants one but everyone doesn't get one.

I remember when my nephew was little and I bought him the new Atari video game system with all the good games. That was a cool Christmas gift and he was so happy to receive it.

Everybody likes to receive unique Christmas presents so take a look at my top ten list of cool Christmas presents for everyone on your list. If you want to make someone really happy this holiday season pick up one of the gifts you'll see on this site. You will be a star gift giver this year.

Apple iPad

The coolest gift on everyone's list this year is the Apple iPad. Its a computer table and it is awesome. I have one and they are great for surfing the web, watching movies, playing games and listening to music. The touch screen makes is fun to use. It is very convenient to carry and you can do just about anything on it.

I never thought I would be up with the latest gadget but that is one I really enjoy. Anybody would love to receive an Apple iPad tablet.

Voice Recognition Grocery List Organizer

The Grocery organizer is useful addition to any busy household. This electronic grocery-list organizer makes it easy to keep track of needed items come shopping day. The unit features a user-friendly control panel with a digital display, and it can be kept on the refrigerator door or other central location for quick access. It offer voice recognition and a convenient printer.

This a really cool Christmas present for the busy Mom or housewife.

Westbend Theater Popcorn Popper

This cool theater popcorn popper has a Stainless Steel heating kettle with motorized stir rod. Both the kettle and stir rod are dishwasher safe. The cabinet is easy to clean and grease and oil resistant. It also has a light with an on/off switch and a removable popcorn tray.

This would be a cool Christmas present for the movie lover on your list. How cool would that me on movie night to serve real theater popcorn. Wow!


Every guy wants a Kegerator for his man cave. A kegerator is a combo refrigerator and beer keg. The Kegerator on the right is a full-size single-tap refrigerated beer dispenser. It accommodates 1 full or pony size keg or 2 5-gallon kegs. It keeps beer carbonated for weeks. An empty CO2 bottle and a cleaning and maintenance kit is included. It measures 20 by 26 by 32.

Cool Christmas presents like this one will make any beer drinking guy happy!

Spy Gear Spy Video TRAKR

This is the most intelligent remote control vehicle ever. It has color video and sound that lets you see and hear all the action. You can customize it with hundreds of online apps or build your own. Built-in apps include Cyborg Vision, Night Vision, and Path Mapper and other online apps are free.

This is a cool Christmas present for any boy on your shopping list this year.

Fushigi Magic Gravity Ball

Fushigi is a brand new, dynamically designed ball used in the mysterious art of contact juggling. With Fushigi the operator exploits the reflective properties of a sphere through specific hand and body isolations and movements that are designed to give the appearance that the Fushigi sphere is moving on its own or even floating.

Using Fushigi is an incredible, therapeutic form of relaxation. The art of maneuvering a reflective sphere through mind and body isolation and manipulation creates the illusion that the sphere may be defying the laws of gravity, as if the sphere is moving on its own. It would make a cool Christmas present for someone on your list.

Surround Sound Home Theater System

This is a 1000 watt, 5.1-channel surround sound system ideal for Blu-ray Disc players. HDMI Repeater lets you connect multiple devices and send to your HDTV with just one HDMI cable. BRAVIA Sync compatible for controlling multiple devices with one remote
Wireless S-AIR support for adding wireless speakers with multi-room capability
There is also a port for an Ipod if you need it.

The is a really cool Christmas present. You will feel like you are a part of your movie when you use it.

Cool Christmas Presents On Ebay

Ebay sells a lot of cool Christmas presents. On the right column I have a list of some of the cool gift ideas that are for sale right now on Ebay. They vary daily because it depends on what seller puts cool gift in the description. Cool to the seller may not be cool to someone else so you can take a look. The current price is also shown which is often reflective of the final asking price.

Ebay is a fun site to shop on. You find the items you want, bid on them and if you are the winning bidder the item you won will be shipped right to you. There are thousands of gifts sold on Ebay. You can really get some great deals.

Cool Christmas Presents
Cool Christmas Presents


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