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Cool Halloween Costumes To Make At Home

Updated on August 28, 2010

Halloween costume and mask ideas are limited only by your imagination. Just open the door to your closet and you probably already have many Halloween costumes!

Making a Halloween costume is not difficult, and most everyone can put together an original outfit just by using items they already have on hand. Or, if you're looking for something you don't already have, maybe it is waiting for you at a local thrift store.

Here's some easy to make costume ideas, and most likely you'll have many more of your own.


Transforming into a gypsy is fun and easy! Layer two or three skirts in the funkiest colors, top with a peasant blouse and lots of clunky jewelry. Big earrings, long sparkling necklaces, stack on the rings, and layer the bracelets! A pair of bright colored and embellished sandals are good choices, too. Tie a scarf or bandanna (skull-fashion) around your head and out the door you go!

Guys can create the gypsy-look by wearing loose-fitting pants that are tucked into boots, an unbuttoned shirt to reveal several gold necklaces, and a colorful vest. Tie a scarf around the waist and another around your head. And, one hoop earring is fantastic for guys!


Who doesn't have a Hawaiian or colorful island-themed shirt in the back of their closet? Add a pair of Bermuda shorts, sandals with socks (of course), straw hat trimmed with beer cans or big flowers, and hang a camera (or two) around your neck. Be sure to tuck some travel brochures, maps and ticket stubs in your shirt and pants pockets and you are good to go!

Jelly Fish (Photo at top of article):

This is a good costume for kids in grade school. All you need is a light colored child's sized umbrella (pink is good) and with a clear handle if possible. If you can't find a pink one, unscrew the top of the umbrella and cut a small hole in pink material and place it over the metal part, and let the material drape over the umbrella. Spray the umbrella silver and white (with spray paint) similar to markings on a jelly fish. Use several strands of bubble wrap (4 to 6 feet in length and about 2 inches in width) to place around the umbrella. Punch a hole in one end of the bubble wrap and place it over the metal part of the umbrella (as you did with the pink material). Screw the umbrella cap into place on top of the umbrella. (You can also glue or tape the bubble wrap strips here and there to the inside edge of the umbrella.)

Dress your child in white clothing (shirt, pants, socks and shoes). When the umbrella is carried (vertically) your child will look like a jelly fish! 


Now, here's the easiest costume ever. Wear a pair of pants that are too short and come above your ankles. Button the shirt all the way up, pull your pants up too high (like just below the bottom of your rib cage). Be sure to wear white socks and dorky tie-shoes. Stick one of those plastic pocket protectors in the shirt pocket, grease-up your hair with gel to make it extra-geeky, and add a couple fake zits. Now how easy is that!

But, not everyone is happy with a thrown together, hodge-podge kind of costume. Not everyone has the time to make their own costumes for themselves and their entire family. Halloween screams for bright colors, scary outfits, ghoulish masks, and cartoon characters. There are costumes that are sexy, scary, cute, and devilish. They come in sizes to fit plus-size adults, kids costumes, men, babies, and pets.

This is where shopping on-line is a time saver. Hundreds of Halloween costumes, masks, accessories and decorations are available online, and many are not available in your local stores. Movie and Disney characters are easy to find online, plus adorable costumes for babies and kids. Of course, the traditional devilish, ghoulish and scary costumes are easy to find. And, without the hassle of running all around town only to be disappointed by not finding the exact costume you or your kids are wanting.

Whatever you decide to be this Halloween, shop for costumes made with fire retardant fabrics, fit comfortably, easy to put on and take off, and have adequate ventilation around the mask. When buying a mask be sure the wearer can eat or drink without having to remove it, and has generous eye openings to allow for good visibility. Be safe and have a Happy Halloween!


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