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Coral Triangle – Something Amazing Waiting for you!

Updated on October 26, 2014

Where can you see the richest coral diversity in the world? And where is the most diverse underwater life? Which is the scuba diving destination still not explored much? Answer to all these questions is one and it is ‘Coral Triangle’!

Coral Triangle is a wonderful destination for diving-lovers to explore literally innumerable variety of underwater creatures and corals. It is the tropical ocean waters of Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Timor-Leste and Solomon Islands, fairly triangular in shape. At least 500 species of corals have been noted in this region, which is also lovingly called Amazon of the Seas’, because of its underwater biodiversity, spread over an oceanic surface of 5.7 million sq. km. Apart from reef-building corals, there is a great fish variety too, featuring over 3,000 species, like coelacanth and whale shark. Entire world has seven species of marine turtles, out of which six have ideal habitat here. Many of the creatures found here were not on the list of zoologists and were found here for the first time and exist only here. What’s more, divers have even noticed mating of two different nudibranchs species, which was just a theory earlier and now has been proved.

It is said that the waters here have just the favorable oceanic currents and nutrients, perfect for the growth and development of such a diverse marine life.

There are numerous scuba diving sites here, e.g. in Indonesia, there are North Sulawesi, Raja Ampat, Wakatobi, Kombodo and Bali. Then there are Banda Islands, between Kodombo and Raja Ampat. Wakatobi located a bit far off, is also an astounding site with amazing diversity of underwater marine life. Sulawesi diving will give you the wonderful experience to dive at Sangihe Islands and Bangka on the north.

The best way to explore the colorful corals and other marine creatures in the Coral Triangle is live-aboard. And still better thing is the conditions here. The waters are shallow and temperatures hove around 28 to 30 degrees Celsius, just right for an enjoyable joyride through the oceans.

On the walls, you can see soft and hard corals, barrel sponges and huge gorgonian sea-fans. Sunlight being bright here, you can see them clearly. You see colors and colors everywhere. Freely swimming in the water, creatures like cuttlefish, octopi, nudibranchs, lobsters, sandbar sharks, pygmy sea horses, pipefish, mandarinfish, the indigenous Ambon scorpion fish, gigantic schools of fusiliers, Mola mola sunfish, and lots of mantas.

If you have covered major diving destinations, but not Coral Triangle, you should head towards it at once, as something more amazing is waiting for you there!

Nursery of the Seas

Protecting the Most Diverse Reefs on Earth


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