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Corny Halloween Costume Ideas

Updated on October 10, 2010

Princesses are so 1999, witches are so passe, and sheets masquerading as ghosts are so old-fashioned. Each and every Halloween, we are caught in a bind whether to wear the same costumes from years past or go to a party or trick-or-treat trek in regular clothes. This scene is more true during those economically trying times in the here and now, and that can cause kids of many frugal families to miss out on the ritual when they excitedly exclaim the litany as they stop at the doorway of a candy-harboring neighbor, "Trick or Treat!"

Fear not, Halloween revelers, whether you're on a tight budget or not! I have many costume ideas in varying but feasible degrees, from the funny, to the quirky-as-heck! With inspirations drawn from Internet memes and people of travel destinations, I come up with the best costumes that guarantee themselves to stand out at your next party or trick-or-treating.

Group Costumes

Turismo: Have members of the group either wear regular clothing with identical backpacks, matching tops, or both. Then, make a flag, wear different clothing in the same color scheme as the flag (and tops, if necessary), and have the rest of the group follow you! I guarantee that this is a wonderful group costume idea, especially for Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World, Halloween Time at Disneyland, and Mickey's Trick-Or-Treat Party at Disney's California Adventure. I find this idea most effective in the former event, since those South American youth groups visit the resort each summer and winter.

Flashmob: Have everyone dress in normal clothes (or multiple Halloween costumes). When someone asks you who you are, break out into song and/or dance! This is perfect for drama groups!

Disney's Purchase of Marvel Aftermath: It's another Disney park Halloween hard-ticket event costume idea - so relevant and appropriate! Have everyone dress as various Marvel superheroes (Spider-Man, X-Men, etc.) and wear Mickey Mouse ears! It's a million steps from having everyone dressed as the Mickey Mouse Club!

Prison Dancers: Have everyone dress all in orange, and if preferable, have everyone do the Thriller!

Chorus Line: Have yourself and your group wear all gold (leotards and tuxes preferable). then, when somebody asks who you are, line up and kick your heels while singing "New York, New York," or, "One."

Ballet Fail: Just have everyone dress in dancewear and ballet slippers - then do the Soulja Boy!

Noah vs Wendy!

Pair/Couple Costumes

So I Herd U Like Mudkipz: If you have two kids, have both of them dress up as Mudkip (if you have the money and the availability of finding the real thing) from the Pokémon series and have them say, "Mud," and "Kip." If you're adults - dress in all blue and do so likewise. It's a perfect costume for twins!

N64 Kids: Dress up in pajamas, and carry a cardboard box with the word, "N64," emblazoned on it.When people ask who you are, scream, "Nintendo 64 - oh my gosh!" and "Thank you, Santa!" (It's an excellent costume to wear, since Christmas is promoted with the day in recent times!)

Green Tea with Lemon: You may not provide your friends with beneficial catechins like the real combination, but you can at least impress them! Wear all muddy green (wear a reflective tape "T" to really mean it) and have your partner wear all yellow - that's it!

Frightened Fail: This recent Internet meme is going to be a Halloween hit for couples! Have a man wear a long black wig and a black jacket, and have one woman wear a long-sleeved, modest, white dress. Don't forget to let her startle him!

Noah Versus Mother Wendy: Simply have a male dress up in a pink shirt with padding beneath and a woman dress up in a blue shirt. Oh, and don't forget to have him fake-slap her when neighbors ask you who they are. (As a bonus, have him say, "How does that feel?") This is inspired by the scene from an episode of Dr. Phil when Noah hits his mother's face during a one-on-one conversation in his "brat camp" home.

The Snakeman Costume!

Play those costume critics off, girl!
Play those costume critics off, girl! | Source

Individual Costumes

Keyboard Cat: Wear a light blue shirt and cat ears! Oh, and carry a small toy keyboard with you and play those costume critics off!

HeadOn: Wear a long-sleeved, solid red top, then rub a glue stick (label it as HeadOn) - directly on your forehead!

Christmas Creep Victim: Wear Christmas clothing (or dress up as Santa, Frosty, etc.) and hold a sign that says, "I have enough of a too-early Christmas!" This is relevant to the recent years, since the holidays are getting earlier and earlier!

Rick Astley: If you know the words of "Never Gonna Give You Up," put on your brown trenchcoat and jeans and sing the chorus in reply to someone asking who you are - they've been Rickrolled!

Leopold Slikk: The original Angry German Kid is finally a costume idea - don a white T-shirt, wear round glasses, and carry a fake computer keyboard with you! That's all!

Tay Zonday: I'm talking about the vocalist as he appeared in the famous Internet meme, "Chocolate Rain." Wear a white T-Shirt and glasses, and carry a toy microphone. Don't forget to move away from it to breathe in!

Level Greater than 9000: Simply dress as Vegeta from Dragonball Z (Family Education has a more frugal version of the costume), then reply to those who ask who you are, "It's over 9000!"

Danny the Tourette's Guy: Wear a dark blue shirt (or if available, a Tony the Tiger shirt), glasses, a neck brace, extra padding, and khakis. It's the life of an adult Halloween party - oh, Bob Saget!

The Snakeman from the Late 80's Anti-Drug PSA: Apply face paint to resemble a snake and wear a brown trenchcoat. Oh, and don't forget to talk cool and say "yes," with a long, loud, emphasized hiss - it'll scare the pants out of anyone!

Stephen: The boy in question I'm conceiving this costume idea is from a video called "Greatest Freak Out Ever," when he reacts irrationally to his mother's cancellation of his World of Warcraft account. Simply put on a light brown T-shirt (men can go shirtless if they want to) and some light blue shorts (to resemble his boxers) festooned with dots of red reflective tape. You can go in sneakers or, if you want to emulate being barefoot like in the video, in tan jazz shoes! Optionally, you can bring an old TV remote or a sneaker as a costume prop!

I hope you find those costume ideas inspiring - happy Halloween to you all!

So, What are You Going to Be this Halloween?

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    • talfonso profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Tampa Bay, FL

      Thanks for the comments - this Halloween, I'm dressing as a hoodrat! For the next, I'm dressing as a snake!

      Me: Yessssssssssssss....

    • profile image

      Erin Meagan 

      8 years ago


    • thehands profile image

      Jorge Vamos 

      8 years ago

      Haha. I think Noah vs. Wendy is my favorite out of those.


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