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Corporate Entertainment Holidays: Planning Your Corporate Holiday Events

Updated on September 22, 2012

The Holiday Season is Coming Back Around Again!

As the first half of this year has passed by so quickly, it only seems fit that it’s about time to begin thinking now of ideas for some great corporate holidays and events. However, a lot of the time there is nothing which sparks to mind in particular, which would be both entertaining and connecting in-terms of having a stronger friendly relationship with your group.

But you need not worry. There is still time to plan your company event early, and the ability avoid all unnecessary stress which is associated to that late season "planning". This article will present to you effective methods to successfully planning your corporate holiday early, and bring your group closer together as a team.

All credit of this picture is attributed to Mike Linksvayer via.  Respectfully and truthfully, I do not own the copywrite to this content, but have permission to use it under  CC BY-SA.
All credit of this picture is attributed to Mike Linksvayer via. Respectfully and truthfully, I do not own the copywrite to this content, but have permission to use it under CC BY-SA. | Source

How Close Are You To Your Company Holidays?

Before planning ahead of time, you should always get yourself clear with how long you have, and in what part of the year you are in now. If you are reading this when it is only 2 weeks away from your company's holiday season, you might want to consider that you need to start planning some quick and easy.

However, if you've been a bit more organised this year, and you are planning 2 months in advance instead of two weeks, then you have the chance to really impress your group with your holiday ideas! Remember, it doesn't particularly matter what kind of event you are going to in most cases, but rather when you finally decide that you need to start planning for it.

Especially, if you are trying to give a good impression of your organisation skills to your group/company.

An Idea Integrated With The Planning!

Now that you've assessed just where you are in terms of time and how much longer you have left, you should now begin thinking about the specific details of the event.

For example, if you were to be planning to see a comedy ventriloquist act, you should be contemplating the following points...

  • Who are you going to see perform? - Do they have a good reputation for being entertaining and funny?
  • How long do you have available to be able to see the performance? - Do other people in the group have other plans for the corporate holiday which could interfere with your planning?
  • Is it possible to hire the performer to act in a place nearby. - If not, how far will your group be willing to travel to see the performance, taking into account that fuel is quite expensive.
  • Are the other people in the company okay with the travelling distance. - If not, is there a way for you to organise the transport as well as the event itself?
  • Is there enough funding between you all, to be able to pay for the performer. - If not, will you need a small contribution from your company to others to fully fund the event?

These are just the fundamentals, but there are plenty of background details which you'll want to consider, if you want to organise a successful corporate holiday! This is why it is so important that you are planning in advance, otherwise you have way too much to plan within so little time...

Planning an Event Which Suits Everyone's Tastes.

Whilst you might think that it is hard to organise and plan an event which everyone in your company will enjoy, there are some great ideas which will without a doubt satisfy the majority of the group's tastes.

It is part of our natural human structure to laugh. It is our way of showing that we are fully engaged in happiness and joy simultaneously, and therefore, any act which promotes laughter will have a great result within your group!

It is becoming evident that such acts such as ventriloquism are becoming increasingly popular, as more and more we are hearing about the amount of fun our friends have had when attending one of the events.

Here is a preview of a performance from Tom Crowl, who is an excellent comedy Ventriloquist who will make your corporate holiday a success!

A Great Ventriloquist Act By Tom Crowl - Comedy Club Ventriloquist.

Plan a Corporate Event With Tom Crowl.

If you are looking for a great night of entertainment, I highly recommend that you look out for requesting a performance from tom Crowl. He is a brilliant ventriloquist, and has some hilarious acts, which you'll want to see time and time again!


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    • temahd profile image

      Vitalii Buza 

      5 years ago from 2715 Eagle Canyon Drive South, Kissimmee, FL 34746

      Hi, Thanks for your ideas. I have a holiday trip ahead. I think these tips help me to find out best way to enjoy my holidays.


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