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Fun Costume Ideas for Every Month of the Year

Updated on April 5, 2020
Tricia Deed profile image

Tricia Deed is a writer of recreation and leisure activities. Making and wearing costumes for different events is fun.

Costume for a Theme Party, Celebration, Movie, or Theater

A mask portrayed in a Beijing opera performance.
A mask portrayed in a Beijing opera performance. | Source

Costumes A-Z

Costumes represent bygone eras, fantasies, futuristic ideas, occupations, royalty and celebrities, religions, animals, historical characters, political figures, or the dress of different cultures.

A costume does not have to be worn just for Halloween, as we do in America. There are many other events on our calendar which can be celebrated by donning a costume.

Any type of party, festival, or event can designate a costume to be worn to add more fun and interest to the special event. It can be a birthday costume party representing a person’s interest. Or a public costume party such as a Mardi gras celebration.

The event may be a theater performance or a movie. The performance may be a school project such as a reenactment of an historical event.

Night club Dancing

A couple dancing in a night club setting.
A couple dancing in a night club setting. | Source

January 1 – New Year’s Day

A traditional symbol marking New Year's Day is with Father Time representing the passage of time by carrying an hour glass. His costume is of an elderly man with a long white beard and white robe. Beside him is a baby who wears a diaper and a black top hat. Across the baby's chest is a banner printed with the numbers of the New Year. The baby represents a promise of new beginnings and hope for the upcoming year and Father Time represents the passing year. These two symbolize the beginning and the ending of a life cycle during a 365 day calendar year.

Happy Valentine's Day

A couple exchanging a kiss. .
A couple exchanging a kiss. . | Source

February 14 - Valentine’s Day

This day represents love and romance for lovers or to express love to anyone who is favored. The favored individual may be a school buddy, a teacher, a relative, or special friends.

This is the day to receive a Valentine's card, a box of chocolates, a dozen red roses, a candlelit romantic dinner, or a marriage proposal. The costumes for a valentine's party are usually red and white in color and created with your imagination and is appropriate for the party theme.

A Girl with her Leprechaun

A young girl wearing a top hat with shamrock and holding her puppet Leprechaun..
A young girl wearing a top hat with shamrock and holding her puppet Leprechaun.. | Source

March 17 – St. Patrick’s Day

This holiday is associated with the Irish. It originated is a religious celebration of Christianity. The costume color is green with a few shamrocks. There are block parties, parades, festivals, dances and open banquets for food and tinted green beer.

Carnival Mask

A Mardi Gras Carnival mask.
A Mardi Gras Carnival mask. | Source

The Largest Costumed Event

Mardi Gras is scheduled during February or March and this event is located in New Orleans, Louisiana. There are hundreds of decorated floats for everyone to enjoy. During the parade the costumed individuals on the floats toss beaded necklaces and doubloons to the crowds who are lining the streets.

It seems to be a challenge as to who can collect the most beaded necklaces. The top collectible item is the doubloon which is a decorated coin made from aluminum.

What makes the Mardi Gras parade different from other parades is that everyone can participate in the activities, but this event also includes a variety of parties, social and game activities, cultural foods, touring, and educational events.

Other cultural fun and good times include eating the King cake, masking, and music. As you view the parade and stroll the streets during this festivity you will see hundreds of costumes, masks, and hear a variety of music played by bands or individual street musicians.

If you are not wearing a costume, you may wish to wear the colors of purple, gold and green. These are the traditional theme colors. Purple represents justice, gold is power, and green represents earth.

The Easter Bunny

A person dressed in a complete bunny costume.
A person dressed in a complete bunny costume. | Source

April Celebrates Easter Sunday

Easter is a Christian holiday of the resurrection of Jesus. On the lighter side of this day is the Easter hat parade and egg hunting for children. The bonnets or hats may be originally designed or imitate a fashionable hat of a bygone era. The years of the late 19th century started the tradition of parading women’s beautiful and glamorous hats worn in that time frame of history. Today’s parades will have people viewing simplistic to outlandish works of original millinery. Their designs may be influenced from cartoons to science fiction. These hats may or may not be worn with a full body costume.

4th of July National Celebration

4th of July American symbol is a man dressed in red,white, and blue- colored suit which is topped off with a tall hat showing the stars and stripes representing the American flag. He is known as "Uncle Sam".
4th of July American symbol is a man dressed in red,white, and blue- colored suit which is topped off with a tall hat showing the stars and stripes representing the American flag. He is known as "Uncle Sam". | Source

July – The 4th of July

America’s day for the Declaration of Independence (America’s Birthday). On this day people may choose to wear the costumed dress of this time period (1776) for parades, portrayal of political events, theatre productions, street parties, and private functions. The late evening brings firework displays sponsored by local governments or private organizations. Personal fireworks are also enjoyed by individuals.

Ghosts, Goblins, and Gothics

Gothic costumes are very popular at Halloween parties.
Gothic costumes are very popular at Halloween parties. | Source

October 31 – Halloween

This is seemingly the second largest national costumed event in America. This is the day to ward away evil with ghoulish and gruesome facial makeup, masks, and body costumes. Parties in both private and public buildings are active. Theme parks present horror night fun and activities.

Review more Halloween ideas at

Thanksgiving Day - November 24

The turkey is the featured meat during the Thanksgiving feast.
The turkey is the featured meat during the Thanksgiving feast. | Source

November 24 – Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day is an American celebration originating with a dinner between the first pilgrims and the native Indians. President Abraham Lincoln made it an official holiday for public celebration. Costumes on this day would include Indian dress from chief to squaw and male and female pilgrim daily wear. Many schools and theater groups feature a stage play for this special day.

Merry Christmas

Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus making their debut in a Christmas Parade.
Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus making their debut in a Christmas Parade. | Source

December 25 – Christmas

Christmas is a Christian religious holiday, however, people celebrate with many parties in the home, office, and other public and private facilities. Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, and Santa’s elves are seemingly everywhere spreading Christmas tidings and gifts. No party is complete until Santa arrives with his bag of goodies.

Costume Acting and Costume Playing

Costume events give us costume hobbyist an opportunity to be actors and actresses. These are opportunities to be someone else which we would like to be, showing another aspect of our personality, or inventing a new self. No matter what our conscious or unconscious reasons are for dressing in a costume; it’s a fun thing to do.

There are many festivals and celebrations which allow us to hide behind a costume with or without a mask and experience reactions from others.

Costume play is a very exciting new trend in costuming. Read more at

Funny or Scary?

A couple wearing clown costumes.
A couple wearing clown costumes. | Source

Costume Hobbyist

Costumes can be do-it-yourself sewing projects, rented or purchased. There is an unlimited array of themes. It is not uncommon to develop an addiction to costumes. When you select a costume for a special event or a costume party take time to think about what your costume is saying to other people.

The costume of choice may be reflecting another aspect of your identity or personality. When wearing a mask to compliment the costume you are portraying another identity. Or perhaps you are trying out a new personality.

Wearing a clown costume rather than a ghoulish costume is showing the extremes of being funny rather than being a scary creature. Are you trying out your comedic personality when being clownish or are you out to scare some other people at the party to make up for your shyness?

Types of Costumes

Costume List:

  1. Characters from movies; romance, action and adventure, science fiction, fantasy, mythological, cowboys and Indians, crime, horror creatures from land and sea
  2. Celebrities from movies, sports, politics
  3. Super heroes from movies, sports, cartoons
  4. Land and sea animals
  5. Flowers
  6. Foods
  7. Everyday occupations representing policemen, nurses, doctors, etc.
  8. Historical figures or costumes of past centuries
  9. Action figures
  10. Spiritual; angels, ghosts

26 Halloween Costume Tips and Ideas

What Costume?

What type of costumes do you like to wear?

See results


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