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Costume Ideas for the letter Q

Updated on November 26, 2014

Q here for costume ideas

The alternative to having a defining theme to a costume party event is to have a 'tentpole' concept around which people can build (either literally or metaphorically) their own ideas. One of the ways of doing this is with a letter party - a bit like I-Spy but you go dressed as something beginning with the letter rather than just spotting it. The choice of the letter might be the party host/hostesses' (although they may allow you to work with your own initials rather than their choice), but to help with this scenario, we've put together some hubs for some of the most popular letters - and then there's this one for the Letter Q.

One thing about a costume idea starting with Q is that it usually needs U (you- geddit?) to make it work. Although this is a list of some potential suggestions, there are probably a few others that might have been missed, so if you think you've come up with a quaint or quintessential costume idea and want to share it with others, let us know in the comments section (or email us) and we'll be pleased to put it in an update.

For a range of other costume ideas, pop along to our website (and our blog - see below) where you will get a fantastic range of fancy dress costumes for every fancy dress theme you can think of

One version of the Queen of Hearts
One version of the Queen of Hearts

Costumes Starting With The Letter Q

Q - Supposed short for 'Quartermaster', Q was the gadget man in the James Bond books and movies. Always liked to keep a few surprises up the sleeves of his white lab coat!

Quasimodo - From Victor Hugo's book the 'Hunchback of Notre Dame' (and the subsequent Disney cartoon). Trousers, jerkin including hunch underneath. Wig & --Make-up.

Queen - There are different Queens possible, including many from historical dramas, stories, pantomines plus, of course, the chess pieces. Here are a selection:

Queen of Hearts - Imperious Character from Lewis Carolls' books 'Alice in Wonderland and 'Through the Looking Glass'. Costume Design is best based on the traditonal playing card colours -red, yellow, black & white- with red heart motif decoration. New versions of this character, (based on a mix between the Queen of Hearts and the Red Queen) seen in the Tim Burton 'Alice' film are now available.

Queen Amidala: Principal female character from the 'Phantom Menace' film in the 'Star Wars' series, played by Natalie Portman (and, arguably, Keira Knightley). Although she wears a different gown in almost every scene, only one (the red 'globes' outfit) was released as an official costume. A white-based ritual face make-up is also required.

Queen Anne: (1665-1714) Queen of Great Britain from 1704. Presided over the unification of the English and Scottish Parliaments and Marlboroughs victories in the War of French Succession. Fashion and costume came from the French Court at Versailles.

Queen Victoria: Long serving British queen. proclaimed Empress of India in 1876. Despite this status, the black clad Queen in mourning for her beloved husband Prince Albert is the best remembered image of Victoria.

Queen Tamora Queen of the Goths in the Shakespeare play 'Titus Andronicus'. A warrior, her costume can consist of Boudica/Boadicia meets Xenia, the Warrior Princess, and you can add some tribal body art for extra effect!

'Queen'- Another name for a camp man. Wear flamboyant clothing and 'mince' when you walk

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Cleo - Queen of the Nile
Cleo - Queen of the Nile

Queen of the Nile: An alternate name for Cleopatra, the last pharaoh of Egypt. There are several versions of the Cleo costume available, and the costume gives the opportunity for a strong-eyed make-up look.

Quinn Fabray: A character from the TV series 'Glee', Quinn is a the head of the chastity club as McKinley High School. She started the show as a stuffy cheerleader, but that changed as the show went on. Quinn is now a member of the glee club. Played by Dianna Agron.

Queenie: The youthful version of Elizabeth I of England, portrayed in the second, Tudor-based, Black Adder British TV comedy series. Her outfit is based on the classic farthingale costume style.

Quaker Oats: The gentleman in the black & white puritan-style outfit and distinctive flat black hat seen on the packaging of this British breakfast cereal.

Quidditch Player: A broomstick-riding sports player from the Harry Potter books and films. At one time special red Quidditch robes and protective gear merchandise were available and may still be found

Quincy-style doctor
Quincy-style doctor

Qin Shi Huang: First Emperor of China. Although this suggestion may seem a little 'off the wall', we know of at least one murder mystery game set in 4th BC China, and the Oriental look can prove quite an innovation, especially as the letter Q poses its own challenges for creativity.

Quincy: From the television series (1976). Quincy was a Los Angeles County Medical Examiner and was able to solve mystery murders! all you woul dneed is a white lab coat, with maybe a bit of blood on it!

Please let us know what you think,or if you have any costume suggestions for the letter Q

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