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Costume Ideas for Couples

Updated on May 17, 2014

Buying Matching Costume Sets for Couples

Finding a good costume, for Halloween or a party, can sometimes be challenging or frustrating. Finding costumes or a costume set for a couple can be even more so. There are endless possibilities. There are also many quality costumes and many cheaply-made and unattractive ones on the market.

The best costumes will be well-made, affordable, creative, and versatile. If you have plans to attend a Halloween or costume party with your significant other or a close friend, costumes that are coordinated would prove most ideal. Couples costumes are sometimes available for purchase together; however, purchasing corresponding costumes separately tends to be more affordable. Additionally, costumes that come in sets are frequently not well-made.

If you are looking for a costume set for you and your partner or friend, consider looking for individual costumes of well-known couples or duos separately. Costumes that are recognizable to many people are also more ideal as you likely want your costume to be entertaining or enjoyable to others. Similarly, you may be interested in a costume that is comfortable or versatile, allowing you to move comfortably while also looking like your chosen character. Whether you are looking for a costume that is a specific or character or representative of a particular or iconic era, there are numerous options that are perfect for you and your partner.

The selections below are all available on Amazon, highly-rated with four or five stars and will offer choices for functionality, durability, and value.

Prince and Princess Costumes

Incharacter offers two separate costumes that would be a classic choice for any couple, Cinderella and Prince Charming. "In Character Costumes, LLC Men's Prince Charming Costume" in combination with "In Character Costumes, LLC Women's Enchanting Princess Costume" is a high-quality, but more expensive couples costume. The men's Prince Charming Costume resembles the classic character almost identically. The costume features a military-style outfit, complete with epaulets, a jacquard sash and military belt, as well as a medal. The brown slacks has an elastic waist, for comfort, fit, and versatility. The white, military jacket has broad shoulders and looks just as elegant as a real military uniform. If your budget allowed, you could purchase while parade gloves to embellish the costume. This costume is priced between $98 and $125, depending on size.

The Princess Costume is very similar to Cinderella's memorable gown. This costume features a full-length, light blue, satin gown, with a peplum attached. It also comes with a hoop petticoat, necklace, long white gloves, and a jeweled tiara. It is priced between $114 and $203, depending on size. Both costumes are made of 100% polyester, a quality material that will make your investment worthwhile and also prove flexible for a comfortable fit. While this set of costumes is more expensive than others, the quality of the items would not only last longer than others, but also remain classy and elegant for any function you should attend. They are excellent choices for those looking for durable couples costumes.

Fred and Wilma Flintstone Costumes

Rubies Costume Co offers several costume options. One couples costume option includes the Fred Flinstone and Wilma costume pieces. The combination of "Fred Flintstone Adult Halloween Costume Size Standard" and "The Flintstones Wilma Costume" is affordable and recognizable, perfect for your budget and Halloween activities. The Fred Flinstone costume comes with Fred's classic orange tunic with black spots and a turquoise necktie. This costume's simplicity is perfect if you should need a costume that is flexible and versatile. This costume is about $20, though a larger option is available at a higher price.

The Wilma costume is similarly simple. This piece comes with a polyester dress, patterned with white and animal print, a wig styled and colored just like the classic cartoon characters, and a faux dinosaur necklace. Priced at $22, this costume is very affordable, yet functional. There are many Flinstone-themed accessories, also available on Amazon, if you wish to further embellish your couples costumes.

Shrek and Princess Fiona Costumes

Another option, also available by Rubies Costume Co, offers a more modern, but also affordable set of costumes. "Shrek Deluxe Costume" and "Princess Fiona Adult Costume" are not only a creative choice, but also recognizable and entertaining. The Shrek costume comes with a Shrek mask and all of the attire the classic character wears, including a vest and pants with attached boot covers and a waist strap. There is also padding included in the costume to resemble the character. The costume is also licensed by DreamWorks, proving it a quality, authentic choice. Priced between $29 and $50 depending on size, this costume is a great choice for those looking for a quality, but affordable costume.

The Princess Fiona costume is similar to Shrek, particularly in its authenticity, as it too is licensed by DreamWorks and features the attire and accessories of the character. This costume contains Fiona's classic green dress, belt, and crown with ears. There are also other Fiona-related accessories available separately by the same seller. This dress is long and flexible, though there is a larger size costume available at a higher price. Costing about $21 this costume is ideal if you are looking for couples costumes as this set is creative, but recognizable.

Disco Costumes

Another creative, but less specific costume set is available from California Costumes. "California Costumes Men's Saturday Night Fever Costume" and "California Costumes Women's Disco Diva" are highly-versatile, functional, and affordable couples costume combination. The men's costume comes with white, satin jacket and slacks. It also features a vest, with a black collar attached. You could further accessorize this costume to your taste as, at about $26-$58, depending on size, it should leave you with some flexibility in your budget.

The women's costume features a patterned, sequinned dress that corresponds with the men's costume well. The costume also comes with a matching head tie and could also be embellished to your taste. Priced at about $20-$50, depending on size, this costume is affordable and versatile. Overall, this set is a flexible and functional option if you are in the market for couples costumes.

Finding your Perfect Costume

All of these options are well-rated on Amazon. If you are looking for creative and versatile couples costumes, these selections may be good choices for you. They may also lead you to a more appropriate costume according to your needs and taste.


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    • SidKemp profile image

      Sid Kemp 4 years ago from Boca Raton, Florida (near Miami and Palm Beach)

      Hmmm! I don't see a lot of options for the 50+ married crowd here. Maybe Kermit, if I can convince my wife to be Miss Piggy!