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Practice Safety With Mask-less Costumes

Updated on April 20, 2017
Patty Inglish, MS profile image

Ms. Inglish has 30 years experience in medicine, psychology, STEM instruction, history, and aerospace education for USAF Civil Air Patrol.

Oh, the horror!
Oh, the horror! | Source

Unmasking Halloween

Halloween can be controversial. All the controversies have placed a brighter focus on safety during the month of this holiday. This reminds me that we don't need masks at all with some of our costumes, so here are some fun suggestions.

These costume ideas are very safe, because they do not interfere with vision or movement.

In fact, if a child or adult needed to run away from an actively occurring or potential danger while celebrating a costumed event, they could do so wearing these costumes. The get-ups are also funny, entertaining, represent celebrities, and people love them.

If you have a long apron and a hat, you may have a grand costume already.

Makeup Can be Fun

Non-toxic makeup can make fun alternatives to masks for adults and children. Kabuki, Native American, and other selections can be very creative.

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KabukiClownTraditional Day of the Dead faces.
Kabuki | Source
Clown | Source
Traditional Day of the Dead faces.
Traditional Day of the Dead faces. | Source

For Fun, Try An Apron

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Flo the Progessive Clerk

Progressive Casualty Insurance Company began a Facebook page for all those that wish to dress as Flo. Actually, it's for her overall fans. She comes from a long history of Saturday Night Live-type comedy experience.

People are writing in to the Facebook page to find out where to get her apron. It is available on, along with the entire costume, if you want it. No mask required, just 1950s makeup and a hairband. Some individuals have told us that your own Progressive Agent might order an apron for you from the marketing or similar department. How much fun is that?

The Costume

  • A white BBQ apron with the word Progressive on it in blue letters.
  • Hairband and a flip-style hairdo
  • 1950s "doe-eye" makeup look, also called Rockabilly today. Don't forget the bright red lipstick: Mac Lady Bug.
  • White polo shirt and while slacks
  • A watch with a brown strap
  • Navy blue Chuck Taylor All Stars, low-top
  • A Tricked Out Name Tag!

Tribute to Flo

Stephanie Courtney did not develop only Flo as a character that she later took to Progressive, but many other characters as well in her membership with the Groundlings Theater comedy troupe in LA. Looking at old film footage, I can see glimpses of Flo.

Ms. Courtney has also appeared in other acting gigs, including the part of Clair in House M.D.'s September 27, 2010 episode named Selfish. I hope she'll have her own TV series within the next 5 years.

Stephanie has appeared in dozens of television series. In addition to this, she has written her own material for stand-up comedy for herself and for the team of her sister Jennifer (who is in TV's Dexter) and herself. If she is not a millionaire at this date, she should be very soon.

Stephanie is still a current Main Member of The Groundlings, a team of 30 artists that perform, teach, and oversee creation at the theater.

For Mad Thrills, Wear a Hat!

Mat Hatter Makeup
Mat Hatter Makeup | Source

It Really Doesn't Matter, When You're the Mad Hatter!

The Mad Hatter Rap

Video Credit: YouTube - DamItsGood808's Channel - Parodies and Fun

Johnny Depp's Mad Hatter

Enelle Lamb showed in her recent HubNuggets Hub how much I love the Mad Hatter - or at least his hat. I went looking for the specific Johnny Depp editions and found them online and in temporary October costume shops set up in empty big box store sites around town.

The hats in the seasonal costume shops begin at $29.99 for any size, so some of's prices are much better. This is true of other versions besides the Johnny Depp version - the black hat version. Yet, the busy print hat with the coral scarf from the film is so loony that you'd HAVE to be crazy to wear it - and (whispering) - I love it.

The costume requires no mask, just clown makeup and a fright wig - and of course the hat!.The best clown makeup, especially for kids is non-toxic and all natural, if you can find it. The season Halloween big box type of shops may carry it. In Columbus we have the historic Yank Trader holiday shop all around the year, until it closes for business (as rumors have it). It been around for decades and carries holiday and party goods and makeup kits along with all types of party favors and life-sized figures. We'll miss it if it closes. Check out your local party stores for similar supplies.

The Mad Hatter Party

Perhaps you'd like to hold an Alice in Wonderland  themed party this year for Halloween, Neewollah, or a birthday. You might hold an all-evening Mad Hatter's Tea Party. That would be fun.

You might also throw an all-Mad Hatter's Party, where everyone comes dressed in various verisons of the Hatter. Music, dancing, and a Futterwacken Contest are mandatory! And confetti.

Futterwacken! - Learn the Dance

Impersonate Lady Gaga

"Outer Space"/Poker Face

Other Unmasking

A number of other characters need no masks at Halloween or for any costume party. Some characters wear only sunglasses that can be removed for safety and acrried in the hand ot slipped into the collar of the costume.

In the 2010s, many children and adults, male and female, along with their pets, are parodying or paying tribute to Lady Gaga with similar costumes. My favorite parody appears this this hilarious YouTube video be a top parody artist. It gives us all sorts of mask-less costume ideas.

© 2010 Patty Inglish MS


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