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Couple and Best Friend Halloween Costumes

Updated on October 2, 2014
Photo taken by: Will Folsom
Photo taken by: Will Folsom | Source

Halloween celebrations are known for a sea of un-matching costumes. When several people decide on a theme in advance and execute on getting matching costumes, that tends to stand out. Here are several considerations to think of when building a best friend Halloween costume (or any two person costume).

Time and effort

If there is little time or effort to be spent on the costume, there are plenty of two person costumes that can be bought. Some examples are bought separately, such as this

Photo taken by: bloomsberries
Photo taken by: bloomsberries | Source

police officer / criminal

Photo taken by: Ed Schipul
Photo taken by: Ed Schipul | Source

or this werewolf / red riding hood

Other costumes are bought together, such as this PB&J or this Fork & Spoon.

Photo taken by: Jeff Keyzer
Photo taken by: Jeff Keyzer | Source

All of these costumes are easy to quickly buy and be done with. However, if there is more time and effort to be spent, there are some additional areas to generate ideas.

Wearing the same thing

One idea is to simply wear the same gender neutral costume, such as these resistors. In this approach, both individuals show up in the same thing. This works well for more common character costumes. If the character being displayed is not unique enough to be individualized. Some of these genres include pirates, steampunk, ninjas, knights, gangsters, hippies, and animals. These types of costumes are fantastic if you anticipate being split up throughout the night.

Wearing two sides of a coin

Many TV and movie shows are known for having a hero and a villain. After a show is selected, one person can choose each side. This again can be fantastic if you anticipate being split up throughout the night, so long as both hero and villain are memorable. However, if one side is not memorable, then these individuals will need to be paired all night. One example of unmemorable villains, but memorable hero, is this Pacman / ghosts combination.

Photo taken by: Loozrboy
Photo taken by: Loozrboy | Source
Photo taken by: F Delventhal
Photo taken by: F Delventhal | Source
Photo taken by: F Delventhal
Photo taken by: F Delventhal | Source

This may play in your favor if you would prefer to be stuck to someone the entire night. Just look at this homemade roller coaster costume.

Build your own

As shown in the previous example, building a costume can often lead to a better result than a pre-packaged costume. When a costume has special thought behind it, quality is not as important. For example, take a look at this custom Wall-E set at the top of this hub.

In Summation, there are four main considerations when choosing a best friend Halloween costume:

  • How much time and money does the group have to spend?
  • Will they spend most of the night together?
  • Is there a favorite show? Are both the characters memorable from that show?
  • Is there time and creativity enough to build a costume?

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Building your own costume

When building your own costume, there are several different approaches. The first is to start completely from scratch and make every single thing. While creating everything can show off a creative side, building a costume this way is often time consuming. The other problem with costume construction, when completely from scratch, is not having that one key thing.

Here is my recommendation when building a costume:

Buy the key thing first and build the costume around that. For example, if the costume’s face is difficult to create with make-up, buy the mask. If a costume requires a unique coat, buy the coat. The rest of the costume can be pieced together. The idea behind this is that the most recognizable feature is done well and the rest helps compliment that recognizable feature.

Example - Steampunk

Let’s say we wanted to put together a steampunk costume. With this type of costume there are a lot of little things that can be added in: pocket watches, guns, canes, boots, vests, etc. However, there is one thing that strongly defines this type of costume: goggles and hat. After these two items are obtained, it becomes easy to find additional accessories.

Example - Zombie

On a zombie costume, the key piece to get is a fake wound. After the fake wound is found the rest if fairly easy to generate. Old clothes can be tattered up and fake blood can be spilled on them. The zombie costume is a fairly easy costume to build.

Example - Walter White from Breaking Bad

Now we are going for a very specific character. There are two different ways to approach this particular costume. A yellow hazmat suit, with respirator, could be the entire costume. Blue gloves and sugar candy are optional. Another approach to take on this, and it’s a more bold choice, is to show up in tighty whities. However, in this approach, the glasses, goatee, and green shirt will need to be included. Otherwise this could be a very bad costume to wear.

Photo taken by: Butterbean
Photo taken by: Butterbean | Source


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